Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. The plinth line is far too high as it finishes under the bay cill
    So I guess it’s supposed to be white

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  2. Could be a long ‘recuperation period’ if the bloody sun doesn’t come out soon!


    (It’s one of those ‘the day you were born’ type ‘big birthday’ presents that parents like to give )
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  3. Merlin Cat

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    how are you feeling Sarah? Still sore? How long are you off work?

    you’re doing very well on that jigsaw (she said,in a slightly patronising manner ;). )
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  4. Ha!
    I'm officially signed off for 4 weeks; I'll do the 2 weeks of 'no lifting anything heavier than a cup of tea', and then another of getting back in the car to see about driving, and I reckon that'll be it. I'll either be completely bored, or at the stage where I just don't want to go back! Either way, I'll need to go back!! All is okay though, apart from still having no feeling in my thumb and first two fingers - the nerves were very stretched around the lipoma so they will take a while to recover, but they should be fine with time. I can't believe I've resorted to Jigsaws already..... :D
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  5. It'll be knitting next :eek:!
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  6. Installation installed on the second attempt. Conversation after the initial fixing went something like this: "Looks good, but I didn't want to see the reflection of the garage roof from here." "Oh, right but that's what you see from standing there, I can't change the laws of physics. Oh wait whilst I build a gravitational lens from this handy spare galaxy I have in the shed." Actually, I didn't say that, I just took it down swapped the hinges from the back to the front, altered the frame, rebuilt the lock and rehung it. Probably not much more work to bend spacetime.:rolleyes:
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  7. FAC9D97C-BC3F-4076-9A78-1BF1DA307EA5.jpeg
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  8. Coming to the end of quarantine now, just one day to go. Allotted hours exercise with the doggies this evening.
    Treat time on the Bordeaux harbour steps
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  9. Could you let us know how to make £16,030? I must know! That extra £30 makes all the difference...
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  10. Lola is not the easiest dog to photograph. Either she's pacing around or it's too dark to make out her features. This one turned out ok though and looks a lot like a pencil drawing


    She's a blue roan, but going very grey now. I'm not sure quite how much longer we'll be enjoying her company, but for now she's happy :)
  11. 93C31C9E-AEE1-480B-83FB-B80E08A8B254.jpeg it not just Campers that get leakso_O
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  12. Our MH developed a leak from the sky light too a few days ago. No idea how the water got through it though. :confused:
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  13. 2020-07-28 10.43.28.jpg
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  14. 20200728_115212.jpg
    Whitchurch Silk Mill
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  15. 20200728_115650.jpg
  16. View attachment 93836 [/QUOTE]
    they leak at the base where it joins the ally When the sealant dries out
    Or sometimes it can just blow up under the clear part if you get a lot rain when it’s windy
    And it sucks it in.
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  17. View attachment 93837
    they leak at the base where it joins the ally When the sealant dries out
    Or sometimes it can just blow up under the clear part if you get a lot rain when it’s windy
    And it sucks it in.[/QUOTE]
    You probably need to use a butyl based sealant or butyl tape?
  18. Remove the glass ?
  19. NO POWER TOOLS ! ;)
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