Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. IMG_20191206_115332.jpg

    Christmas prezzie for Mrs P sorted.

  2. .... and the down side:
  3. Gunna shop you to the cop shop ... for that not stock mirror ... and taking photos on the move
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  4. Poptop2

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    Is that on a campsite in Cornwall/Devon way?
  5. 86821154-4BD4-41E6-AB0B-DE99B909B351.jpeg
    The Cuervo gold the fine Colombian make tonight a wonderful thing! :)
  6. Trying to get into the xmas spirit and failing miserably so decided to get into the mulled cider instead.
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  7. jivedubbin

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    Have you ever thought about taking up a career in the navy
  8. :thumbsup:

    Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure
    Learn science technology?
    Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
    On the land or on the sea?
    Where can you learn to fly, play in sports and skin dive
    Study oceanography?
    Sign off for the big band or sit in the grandstand
    When your team and others meet
    In the navy
    Yes, you can sail the seven seas
    In the navy
    Yes, you can put your mind at ease
    In the navy
    Come on people, fall an' make a stand
    In the navy, in the navy
    Can't you see we need a hand
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  9. No in a garden centre in Doncaster.
  10. :thinking: .... Off by heart I think
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  11. Young man!
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  13. Day


    Wow ...Oswaldo is still a ski instructor ....a pensioner on the slopes
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  14. 063B45CB-6BBA-40D4-B8C4-BDE21F2D4F85.jpeg
    don’t buy this ikea stuff
    Much as I tried the potato and chicken
    Kept putting my joint out
    And I don’t think there’s much or any hash in it
    Anyway :)
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  15. I LOVE your advent calendar - where do I find one of these things of beauty?
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  16. they want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit ......
  17. Good spot (an ECC83, to be precise). My learning piece on KiCad. I may have to give my PCB designer mate a call...
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