Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. So good you said it thrice :)
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  2. Absolutely my favourite delivery run of the season, heading over to the land of @3901mick

  3. JamesLey

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    Whatcha delivering?!
  4. Treeeeeeeees!
    A nice big order that means I get to go over to the island tomorrow as well :)
    (although apparently the weather is not going to be quite so convivial in 24 hours time!)
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  5. remember to wind your watch back to 1963
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  6. Were shut !!
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  7. There's a family get together this weekend and it's "Christmas jumpers" :mad: I'm not flippin well doing that!
    Here's my wearable response (thought it was original but it seems not in the least)

  8. jivedubbin

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    Blimey, how big are you
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  9. It'll be prominent shall we say ... One is a skinny runt :D
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  10. Day

    Day've been here?
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  11. 40 years ago , is the Palace hotel still there

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  12. Had a few last night and a bit of nosh in the bishops city :D

    A2056121-1FF9-4CC8-81BA-042D517E9317.jpeg 96461289-9105-4EB1-ADB6-135590D7B3CE.jpeg DBE9D841-2589-4252-AE1B-1DD4E7A3B449.jpeg DCD8F2A8-CB53-4D72-9C3A-604F097129E7.jpeg C788A099-BE7C-4926-92A5-0B445004D119.jpeg
  13. My first ski holiday was in Sauze. Absolutely brilliant week. Great snow, the instructor Oswaldo was a bit of a nut job but in a good way. Stayed at the Hermitage. Prob about 1986 or thereabouts :thumbsup:
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  14. FF30426E-CF38-4364-8550-7C9DA6D9A01F.jpeg
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  15. 15.0% ABV :eek: ... might as well drink a third of a bottle of wine
  16. What a difference a day makes......


    Gale force winds and an announcement from the captain that it might get a bit ‘lumpy’. One of the crew has just come out on deck and given the lifeboat a friendly squeeze to make sure it’s inflated properly....!!!!
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  17. This isn't the way to the beach.
    2019-12-06 09.40.55.jpg
  18. I.O.W ? That’s a mill pond :D
  19. Are there enough lifeboats? Could be the Titanic all over again...
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