Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Leeds Festival set up
    Three generations celebrating a 34th year of marriage anniversary, and a child that thought he was hardcore until he partied with his dad

    Leeds festival campers section had 1 splitty, 1 Bay (other than ours), hand full of T25s and then at a guess I'd say 70% of all other vans were T4/5/6

    Passed a few T2s on the A1 coming home, I'm assuming they have been to beach gathering which I think is this weekend
  2. [​IMG]

    My badly tanned feet out on the water this morning... a nice tonic to a very good weekend at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth. Very tired toddler, very tired mummy and I was quite ready to party a little harder!

    Happy daddy when the nipper danced to OCS of his own free will. I’m hoping the banality of manufactured pop music is going to pass him by!
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    Oh good shopping then found this...

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  5. Not even done that well either ... That logo is all wonk.
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  6. :eek::eek:
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  7. :eek::eek::eek:
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    Got bits of ceiling in her hair :)
  9. Killed a few hours as Smithsonian Air & Space museum, Chantilly, VA before a flight home yesterday. Some amazing machines in there, including this magnificent piece of engineering...

    IMG_1176.jpg IMG_1185.jpg
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    Little tractor meet at local pub today. Sarah took her John Deere up :) @Jack Tatty

    6CE7648D-F421-455D-832A-1A5184D68714.jpeg 398DED05-709F-4D6A-8653-638F36E10B94.jpeg 22A4676E-93FE-405F-9BDA-7A0755DA6CF9.jpeg 79060E4D-E7BF-4DB6-B150-DFA161BC0B55.jpeg C0B78DB1-2928-44EF-925D-3276D76C5E32.jpeg 252D69B6-2351-47DD-8AD8-7EF6434E08D3.jpeg 3D1EF0EC-B2DA-4CDE-B560-5FE2D7EEF7DE.jpeg A2E65515-BD22-49B9-80C3-966627142C63.jpeg
  11. Truly abominable. I kinda like that human torso with the deer head thing though :)
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  12. Whaat :eek:?
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  14. Anybody else hearing Jaws music - da danh / da danh.....

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    My new, tho poorly positioned, wildlife camera picked up this fox in the garden. :). This was the best photo, there were 2 more earlier.

    The best spot, as I’ve seen the foxes before, was two separate sightings of a hedgehog:) :), the photo looks a bit like a lump tho!

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  16. Took the long way home and had an icecream near my favourite clump of trees after a bloody horrible day. Space and fresh air....... and a Mister Whippy with a flake. What more do I need? :)

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    Get you arty photographer @scrooge95 :)

    Been helping Sarah on the farm and spotted this giant puff ball

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  19. Get it eat

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