Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Few ciders at our favourite pub and eatery and a sunset tonight

    66FB53EA-7A61-4131-BAE8-378D09275337.jpeg 36F4DE03-DE5E-4720-B3A5-C1E850A81D44.jpeg 03411B82-621D-4044-84AA-9E7E7FCFF654.jpeg
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  2. Car boot sale purchase.
    Apparently it works.........
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  3. Loving the golden Virginia tins.
    Got loads of them in the old man’s tool boxes with varying drill bits and ‘stuff’
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  4. That’s what I got them for, odds for the camper (fuses, bulbs etc) 50p each. Bargainous :)
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  5. I have been telling the southern visitor this all weekend as we cycled to skipton from Saltaire.

    Bloody tourists!
  6. :rolleyes:
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  7. Oi.


    The fact that you two (and those in my current greater locale) cannot speak proper is not my issue!!!! :)
  8. B64D8B7D-D19C-4045-81AF-C518B3E2A5A8.jpeg
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  9. Fab Bank Holiday bringing this nearer to completion :thumbsup:
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  10. That looks like an enormous ladypart :eek:
  11. 8237AB4C-3115-4EB7-B60A-945861ADEDD4.jpeg 8237AB4C-3115-4EB7-B60A-945861ADEDD4.jpeg C3993B53-D5AB-493C-BC5E-11991CBE75CA.jpeg 4CD62512-B192-407B-9863-F98BC8F67A2E.jpeg BC70B4F9-EF48-4DFE-BE59-378EB48F6C47.jpeg Few pics from the show today and I think MGTC rear luggage rack @cunny44 I got at auto jumble :)
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  12. You shoulda brought him to see our scarecrow at Cullingworth Scarecrow festival! Rock n Roll!

    Skipton Carsul is pretty cool though :thumbsup:
  13. Bugger, was that this weekend?
  14. 7c temperature drop and fog on the top of the A66 today.
    2019-08-26 10.55.58.jpg
  15. Yes :D
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  16. Behold Miss Trunchbull [​IMG]

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  17. I think then either you or Mrs S needs medical attention :confused:
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  18. ...
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