Show me your cool boxes

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  1. i've no idea what you mean
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  2. Paul you've made my day with that.. :) and fair play to lidl for their efforts too.
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  3. I just asked the questions

    It was Joe King from Lidl who provided the useful data!

    Obviously found it more interesting than whatever he should have been working on
  4. Brilliantly done, Paul! Very, very funny.
  5. I can now confirm that this years Aldi cool boxes are made by dometic and as they all run the same peltier element as the dometic ones, pull the same power for a lot less dosh!

    Ok, so the insulation may not be as good but that can be easily remedied.

    And more importantly... it comes with a green strip to match my bus!

  6. Lidl aren't going to be happy when they see you have bought from their competitor.

    Especially after they spent so long working out how many veggie sausages, gin and tonic you could fit in their cool box!
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  7. I did buy the Lidl one but it had an jaffa stripe on it... I returned it when I saw the Aldi one had green!

    But Lidl’s invaluable advice and customer service has meant that I may consider future purchases... if they’re in the right colour way! :D
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  9. Similar...
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  10. When we bought our camper the po included a Gio'Style Super Trippy Electro Coolbox. I've plugged it in and the fan works, but it doesn't seem to do much in cooling terms even after an hour. Does anybody know how long these Peltier effect cool boxes take to cool down starting from ambient temperature. Thanks

    PS I haven't measured it's sausage carrying capacity yet!
  11. The Halfords thermoelectric coolbox in this picture starts getting cold about a minute after its switched on. It has a big metal band round the bottom of the box to try and shift the heat. After a lot of fighting, it gets 18 degrees C cooler than the surroundings. (So about 10 degrees C inside) , drawing 4 amps 24/7.
    The same time the other day, the compressor coolbox in front was sub zero turned up to max, and not running at 4 amps all the time.

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  12. :) I took my coolbox this morning, more in curiousity than hope to fix it. Noticed that the grease between the two metal plates was a bit dry, so greased it again with some silicon grease...hey's working:chewie:
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  13. [​IMG]
    Dometic , best £160 I’ve spent

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  14. have you fitted some shutters to your bus windows?

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