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  1. As some of you know, my 12v fridge/coolbox melted its cable en route to techenders. No idea if the box/fan still works but i think it's high time i replaced it anyway.

    I like to have one that's removeable, 12v with possibly a 24v option.
    what you got and where does it fit - i hear some fit in the walkthrough? :thinking:
  2. I have a proper cool box (no electrics) that fits in between the front seats - I use those blue ice blocks to keep it cool.

    Most campsites let you freeze ice blocks so you can keep it cool by switching them over

    I also have a hardly used 12V waeco cool box that also fits in the gap between seats. It plugs in with a cig lighter cable adaptor cables can be bought so you can cool it from 240v mains power before you leave home.

    If you usually camp with electric then an elctric cool box is probably best for you

    Every now and again Lidl / aldi sell own brand ones that are usually made by waeco/dometic
  3. i've got an outwell 12v cool box that fits nice between the seats but tbh i hardly every plug it in.. just use ice blocks mostly, freeze a few of the drinks / milk night before we go which helps.
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  4. We have an Aldi one that runs off either 12v or 240v which fits perfectly between the seats. It was made by Dometic and cost around £40 about 5 years ago, I'm pretty certain they still do them. Ours is also in 0range to match the van of course:thumbsup:
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  6. excellent! I still use the blue ice packs too but like to keep it topped up on the electrics. The only time i've ever used hook-up is at techenders and that's only for the oil rad :D

    I like the boxes that can be used as a box or stood up, put shelves in and used as a fridge, if you see what i mean? Mine never fitted in the walk through but i'm toying with having one there but will depend on the capacity - i usually have frozen quorn/sausages with me :)
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  7. Ours will fit between the walk through (Just). And holds approximately 36 cans of doombar.:beer:and that is were the problems start !!

    However i cannot comment on quorn sausages
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  8. ohh, will keep an eye out for them. i like the idea of having one in something other than blue or black.
  9. the only time i use hook up is at eddies when it's a bit nippy :D

    I quite fancy looking at solar soon and just having the options available - sooooo, this one you hardly ever use...:thinking:
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  10. I didn't bother with one over the weekend, I simply put all my beer and food in bed with me as it was much colder than any fridge could manage! :eek:
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  11. hahahaha! i was thinking about asking you if you'd managed to let go of the tilly lamp yet? :D :D :D
  12. The one i hardly ever use is power hungry and small (i can bring it to the next TE if you want a look)

    If you are thinking of solar in the future then perhaps go for a low power consumption one, that can also be plugged in at home before you set off.

    @1973daisey has one and so do @theBusmonkey s they are chest type units

    they aren't cheap though

    not sure if traditional style fridges will fit in the walk through (even the tiny ones)

    @Lasty has one of the upright ones

    frozen quorn sauasges don't need to be kept frozen, they would be fine for about a week. They are also one of the worst veggie sauasages - try fresh cauldron ones or even fresh quorn ones!
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  13. Farm foods do some good ones (Wheat free too!) I don't think Ermintrude has a Farm Foods local though.
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  14. Merlin Cat

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    I’ve got a 3 way one that I use for festivals so can put on the gas. It’s handy for if we are away 4-5 days in a field with no facilities. I can plug it into the 12v whilst I’m driving then switch to gas once I’m there. It’s a bit big though but I put it in the awning whilst I’m parked up.
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  15. Haha, but the quorn hot dog sausages...... are ace! Even the meat eaters were impressed this weekend. Or perhaps just hungry?

    I think a chest one would be fine but my old Coleman(?) one could be stood up with a shelf in too.
    I’d rather pay a little more for something that’ll be of more use. Good point on the power consumption too
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  16. [​IMG]
    Here’s my cool box

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  17. yes the quorn frankfurter stylee hotdogs are lovely

    they don't need to be frozen, i doubt they would do you much harm if you kept them at room temperature for a week!
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  18. Brilliant - that made me laugh!
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  19. On a serious note , we have one of the 12v /240v cool boxes think it was from Lidl or Aldi, it’s quite good

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  20. Merlin Cat

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    We had a fab fridge in the T4 Westie which could run from the leisure battery for about 4-5 days. They are v expensive though and the leisure battery was a massive gel one :)
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