Shootings in Paris

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  1. It was all my fault, but I think they're ok now, and I think I'm forgiven, although no one wants to talk about prawn cocktail crisps
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    Prawn crisps are the invention of Satan.
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  3. What about pwarn clackers with yer Chinese carry out?
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  4. I think a lot of people would like to talk about a good Cocktail of Porn .:D
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  6. :eek:
  8. British Muslims are speaking out on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show.
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  10. It matters not a jot as they are as much, if not more the potential victims of IS as you or I. All they can do perhaps is reassure the wider community that all Muslims arent terrorists.
  11. And you can't blame them for that, however when all terroists are Musims it gets a bit tricky.
    I fear that what we're going to do is have a "strategy". i.e. a load of meetings. Not that I have a clue what's to be done either.
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    The fact they are making a stand (no matter how small you feel it is) is important.
    Earlier in this thread it was said the the British Muslim needs to speak out, now it don't matter if they do.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't
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  13. Your right of course. Im sorry if it was me that said that. Its just that theres so much to say about the subject. So much misunderstanding and understatement of what the real situation is. Its not about whether islam is peacful or not. Clearly a significant bit of it isnt but. Were dealing with an organisation that wishes to bring about armageddon, nothing less. Its all about religion and a downright literal interpretation of its scripture. Only those who subscribe to that interpretation are believers and they are a death cult. It brings its disciples in from moderate Islam and indoctrinates them. Im not religious and if im honest i distrust those that are.

    How disfunctional are the families of these peopke that they dont know their sons and daughters are radicalised. Why are they disfunctional, how much does that have to do with culture and "moderate" teacHing of their holy book of shame. My tolerance is very close to breaking point. This liberal has had enough of the pc bull.
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  14. Thats the problem. I do blame them. If there was no islam then no death cult.
    IS needs to be contained and innihalated by whatever means available and those who dont get that will get it before long. This isnt the IRA or Al quieda.
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  15. And the sun cometh in morning as radiant as you can ever get with out a care in the world . The human race FM !
  16. I didnt quite mean what i wrote there. Sorry. Im well aware that many muslims fighters and civilians die at the hands of IS. It has its supporters in the country and draws its disciples from the communities.nthey need to do as much as they can to erradicate those within their communities that are the recruiting sergeants. Im sure theres some good work going on but im guessing not remotely enough.
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  17. Not even a tiny bit. You hide Marmite from your parents that they wouldn't approve of. I did. I used to wonder why nobody simply shot Thatch. I wouldn't have done, but it wouldn't have surprised me if someone had and when I was younger I might have approved.
  18. But your parents and clergy didnt tell you that large sections of the society you lived in were worthless because they werent like you that th society you lived in was too liberal. In fact this is the antithesis of what we thought. They arent rebelling against an oppressive society they are rebelling against an already oppressive religion and supporting an infinitely more oppressive one...... racism, homophobia, misogynism. They are the fascist we hated multiplied exponentially.
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  19. d oops wrong thread :oops:

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