Sewing Curtains and Seat Covers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zed, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. What if you've got undergarments that actually incorporate poppers or studs? Is that a problem?
  2. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier


    Just the rear hatch left to do now but I need to make and put up the rails first. :)
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  3. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I would imagine that then the curtain studs/poppers could be dual purpose :)
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  4. Only if magnets are incorporated into the curtains...
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  5. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Add velcro on the tie-backs to magnets in the curtains and press studs on your wooly pants and it could get nasty in there.
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  6. This is why I always de-gauss my underpants before putting them on.
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  7. a change of diet might help...some vegetable fibres are well known for causing it.
  8. [​IMG] magnets are fine, as long as it's not blowing a gale.
    So as you can see we sleeved the curtain wire with matching fabric which works very well indeed
  9. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    ...and rear hatch pair done - all curtains made, I'm chuffed with them. :)
    Half a dozen tie backs to make and some studs to fit next, I should finish the job.
    After that I'll cover the rock and roll bits of the bed - easy as those 2 staple to the boards.
    The rear needs a zip, i'm leaving that for last, I need all the experience I can get for that - I've watched a video. :eek:
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  10. This is what moms are for lol
  11. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Mine's dead. :)
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  12. Oh shoot.........errm
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  13. Nice one @zedders. I cheated and bought my bus curtains from Delilah's. Should have them any time now. We opted for a slide door curtain with magnets so the curtain stays on the slide door when you open it.
  14. Nice work @zedders

    Even I got stuck in and have recently made my own curtains, starting with a how to guide from here on how to sew seats covers, and then few Youtube videos on how to use a sewing machine and make curtains. Well chuffed with mine aswell!

    When I get around to updating my resto thread they'll be more evidence!


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  15. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I think I might make tie-backs with the seat covering fabric for that co-ordinated look.
    I know, I know, but start with a shiney exterior and there's no end to it is there?
    Turnbuckles would be good for tie-backs?

    Anyhow, I now have the excuse to make a cover. I have a piping foot and some leather which is tempting, but I think piping would be uncomfortable not to mention much harder.

    Or I could do tops in fabric, sides in leather - I have whole hide or so. :thinking: That's still a lot of work for a beginner.

    Or the easy way - fold, stitch, cut off the extra, staple to board. This has to be the winner - get the two board ones done then spend the time on the rear one with the zip.


    Filthy workshop, but at least I have space. A big table would have speeded things up a lot, I have to concentrate too hard on keeping the material out of the dirt.
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  16. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  17. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Why thank you. :)
  18. thats why i wont park next to some :D
  19. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  20. Ive gota lower curtain wire that i can tuck mine into :)

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