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  1. I always found it amusing that cash-proferers would expect me to be willing to break the law to save THEM money. Er, no thanks.
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  2. These days cash is a right pain in the arse. Every business expense I have is paid for on an account or direct debit or plastic. So if someone wants to pay me cash for a reasonable job, I have to go down the bank and pay it in. They don’t want it. They look at you like they are chewing on a wasp when you try to pay it in. I don’t really like walking about with it. All round it’s just aggro. I’d much rather customers pay by bank transfer. And don’t get me started on cheques.
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  3. Agreed!!

    A special trip to town to pay it in.....wait for cheques to the bank fees for doing it!
    Someone paid me with a cheque recently, it took a week to be posted to me, another day for for me to get to the bank, 3 days for it to clear.
  4. I have applied for it.

    In the advice on how you've been affected by Coroanvirus, there was a section about 'has your supply chain been affected.' So although I have carried on with some working, it has been at a lower level and probably will continue to be for a few months yet.

    that made me feel a bit better about it anyway.

    Thanks for the advice

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  5. I’ve carried on working through lockdown as well. But at a much reduced rate. This money is meant to replace some of those lost earnings. There’s no point in not taking it. For me the government funding as helped me keep all my suppliers bills up to date and still be able to take a small wage. Otherwise with what I’ve been earning I literally would have been working for nothing. I’m sure that indirect taxation will need to rise to cover this. I’m happy with that. I’d rather have a bit of help now and still have a business than to have to jack it all in. To be honest they are going to get it back anyway cos I’m going to spend what they’ve given me, so for the government it’s actually more like a loan cos they know it’s coming back to them in taxes etc etc
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  6. Just completed mine , 15 minutes well spent ...

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  7. I look at it like this. Say they gave me £100. Well we are already told that it’s classed as taxable income. So actually they’ve only given me £80. I then go and put £80 of fuel in my van. Well a good £50 of that is tax and vat. So how much have the government actually given me? Thirty quid out of that £100. ??

    so their liabilities are sod all. All this money they’ve given us will be back in the treasury within three months. It’s not like we are all off shoring it to the Cayman Islands
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  8. Did you complete the little survey at the end
    To tell them how happy you were?:)
  9. I missed that bit! :)

    (it was a very easy efficient process though!!)
  10. I did, taked loads of pressure off dealing with them this way.
  11. Nope - don't want to encourage the vampires ...

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  12. Has anyone received an email saying that their original claim was miscalculated and they will receive an automatic payment in six days?

    I dismissed it as a scam, but there doesn’t appear to be any link they are trying to get me to click and the email address is which looks pretty legit. But I’ve done a search and I can’t see anyone saying there’s been miscalculations.

    There’s no attachments and no links in the email so I’m not sure how this is a scam but something is setting off alarm bells.
  13. Really...?
  14. I’m glad of it!
    Last April, I earned £1,000. This April, I earned £100.
  15. Ok. Update. The email from HMRC was genuine. Apparently they calculated some of they payments incorrectly and they’ve just put an additional £145 in my business account.

    So if you get a similar email then obviously it might be a scam so be very careful, but its worth checking with HMRC as it could be genuine.
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  16. Is anyone else flat out busy ? I am sick of working, I thought everyone would be skint not buying stuff and I am up and down the country like a yo yo
  17. yep I feel your pain I’ve been working harder than ever.
  18. Yup.

    Work work work.
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  19. Me to......running round all day doing deliveries to my customers instead of them coming to me....I'm making less money because of the costs but at least they appreciate me doing it and will be back when they are allowed to.(I hope).
    As the help from the government say has it effected your business....well yes it has I'm spending more and making less..just had to buy a van to cope with the deliveries so that will be deducted from the accounts at the end of the accountant is going to earn his money this year...
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  20. I just thought I’d bump this thread for those of you that are self employed. The claims for the final payment of the coronavirus support scheme are now open. If your business /earnings has continued to be affected by the the downturn from Covid19 then you can now make a second final claim for some support.

    ive just done mine. It’s less than the original payment in line with the reduction to the furlough scheme, but I’m not complaining as it all helps. I’ve got some suppliers to pay and my gas safe registration to renew, so I’m very grateful for any help.
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