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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rustbucket, May 7, 2020.

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  2. It's that easy.....if they say your eligible and you have accounts in so they can work out your average earnings over 3years then they will pay out 80% for 3months of it.....
    With me also I 've never been given anything back in 20 years and next month it looks like I will be claiming back on my vat bill aswell......
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  3. That’s rough. How are you now? My wife has epilepsy and my Labrador had it as well. So I’m well used to dealing with seizures. I hope you are on the mend now.
  4. That’s rough. How are you now? My wife has epilepsy and my Labrador had it as well. So I’m well used to dealing with seizures. I hope you are on the mend now.
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  5. Thanks, I'm fine. I had one 10 years before completely out of the blue which was eventually put down as a non epileptic seizure and the last one would have been classed the same if 3 weeks later:rolleyes: not sure where I stand now classification wise but thinks it's low on the list of priorities now. Noton any medication as a decade wide occurrence seems pointless medicating against. I was a bit stressed and knackered at the time so suspect that. Sounds like you have it a lot harder tbh!
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  6. You aren't going to be 'given' owt even if you qualify. It's your (our) taxes that are paying for this.

    I'd far rather my taxes be used to support real people who need help, rather than to support some big companies that don't give an F about their employees.
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    I think some big companies employ real people too, not all robo cop and I Robot
  8. Just completed the claim. easy to do and quick. Good luck!
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    No need for an accountant ,it takes 5 mins on line and they tell straight away if your eligible.i did this last week.
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  10. Has anyone made a claim yet? Is it pretty straight forward?
  11. Oops I should of read your post before I wrote mine.
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  12. Have you done the first part and set up a gateway....they tell you then wether you are eligible to claim and give you a date of when to go to that stage (2) some have already gone to stage 2 and put the claim forward...I have to wait till Friday.. hey ho.
    But it's pretty straight forward part 1 gateway part 2 claim 3 they tell you what and pay into account....
    Next year we will pay it all back probably....
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  13. Sorted mine yesterday, only took a few minutes, the site had the numbers all worked out,
    so I ticked yes, clicked send & they'll send me a few bob in 4-6 worky days.
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  14. Hello GONA66, did you take a look at my post from accountant? As others say, it's a relatively painless procedure to check. Good luck.
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  15. Yes done the first part and it said I can apply from mid day on Friday so will wait and see what happens.
  16. Do they tell you there and then how much you will get?
  17. Yep same with me I did the first part last week...
    Will do the next bit tomorrow
  18. Yes & there's a certificate to pdf & send to accountant - dead easy
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    There's no such thing as free dinner
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  20. Indeed.

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