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  1. Do I bin the originals and kick myself in a few years time?
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  2. You will kick yourself. They're comfy seats in good shape.
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  3. Give ‘em to me :thumbsup:
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  4. Sorry.
    Father was a scrap dealer. I never ‘give’ stuff away...
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  5. I have to admit on repairing the drivers seat a few times, by tying springs together, padding’s it out, etc. The sun has turned them a different colour, too. More ‘brown’, now.
  6. Mr Muscle oven cleaner will sort out that brown melted in the sun look on original seats.
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  7. I had some random unidentifiable seats in the bus when I bought it; they were so high that my hair touched the roof and my feet struggled to touch the pedals. God knows what shape the previous (deceased) owner was!
    I got a set of the later Bay seats with the solid headrests (might have been early T25?) which were in a lovely ripped diarrhoea brown velour. They were better as I was at least sitting in the correct position, but still not great.
    Finally, after a few years, stumping up to get them professionally recovered (and therefore having new stuffing inserted) was a revelation. They are incredibly comfy, and hours of driving is now completely ache-free.
    I can’t speak for how good the early low back ones are, but the high back, headrest style (when properly restored) are ace.
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  8. Bus - sit upright directly over front wheels.
    Car - lie down between front and rear wheels.
    Bus seats - lots of springs.
    Car seat - a bit of padding.

    Bus seats are more suitable but fatsters will crush those old springs and find the seats "tippy". I'm thinking of one particular fat fooker who used to occupy the passenger seat and moan about it.
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  9. Hahahaha

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  10. I'm just swapping my genuine late bay seats for Porsche 924 ones as I can't get on with them. I had them professionally refurbished with Wolfsburg West seat pads and new springs where required.
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  11. [​IMG]
    The bus came with poorly covered Mondeo seats. Couldn’t wait to rip those out. These are 924 seats. At least they’re German and comfy

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  12. upload_2020-7-24_16-55-7.jpeg

    Original seats re covered
    Internals ongoing
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