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  1. Hi. My original bay seats are a bit knackered. They ain’t comfy anymore, and make journeys, well, longer(?).
    What seats do you have in your vans? (Driver/passenger).
    I would love to keep them original, for the looks, but budget dosnt allow refurbed.
  2. 57246DC9-5EE6-4715-BBE5-27C111F677D6.jpeg Do a search, it’s a popular subject ;)

    I had originals, retrimmed and restuffed and never felt comfortable on them, always felt like I was going to slide off.

    I fitted mx5 seats, super comfy and about 1” lower which is perfect for me.
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  3. I've got audi q7 seats and they're ace

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  4. MGF Mk1 seats in mine. They are leather and look very 'classic.'
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  5. I scored a set of post 1976 seats with headrests in grotty state at Slough.
    Welding and wire brushing brought the frames up to standard.
    New covers and seat pads..
    Bought new drivers seat runners from Buttys Bits.

    Welding including dealing with holes in the wheel tub and different profiles of the wheel tub between 73 and 76..

    Seats were £50.. that was the cheap bit.
  6. Porsche 911 non-electric from early 80’s.
    Not recommended. Perfectly comfy in a sports car where your legs are out in front of you. For a bus, nope.

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  7. Stock seats, recovered, with new moulded sisal pads. Nothing beats 'em :thumbsup:

    Saab 900 or 9000 seats if you want something different, but if you're tall, you might find yourself looking at the sun visor.
  8. Mine have the electrics plumbed in. Very comfy but as snotty says, you wouldn’t want to be tall.
    Luckily I’m not.
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  9. Seat heaters always make me feel like I've peed myself :(
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  10. I have the same but in black leather mine are heated as well but did required a bit of work to get them to fit.
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  11. Porsche Boxter seats in grey leather. I'm pleased with them, not too high and comfortable.
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    You won't beat original seats in a bay they were designed for comfort over long distances, the bulge at the front of the seats above ( admittedly they look good ) will wear on the back of your legs over a long journey unless you're tall, in which case they're too high in the base. Get your originals restored properly and believe me you will be thankful after a long journey. I once bought a bay with the wrong seats and hated them after driving to Dover, unfortunately I still had to get to Naples from Dover and by the end of the journey I was aching. I had done the journey previously with original seats in my previous bay and it was fine.
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  13. How much did it cost, to have original seats refurbished?
  14. Covers £150-whatever you want
    Pads £100 up. ( or creativity with foam and memory foam and fabric ..)

    Its much cheaper to buy a complete old car with good seats.
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    Bought these for £100 and had the covers made from material I bought on ebay and recovered by a local friend for less than £50. I re-padded them myself where they needed support using bits of scrim from an old sofa.

    Excuse the photobucket thing.



    I did take the backrest covers off and re-pad them after that trial fit.
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  16. Those post 76 seats as above have much more side support. The old seats were hard work for a passenger with shorter legs, the new ones are easier for the passenger on corners..

    I was just so amazed to find a set buried in a corner at such a busy show.

    Which ended up looking better..

    The only bad move I made was putting the old ones up for sale at such a low price, the purchaser didnt haggle at all but just handed me a bundle of £20 notes...
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    You're right I think you might remember I upgraded from the original non headrest early seats to those for the added security of the headrests, but really didn't think the actual seats were any better or worse, but then again I'm medium height.
  18. It could be that my original passenger seat was flattened by one of @1973daisey's bridesmaid's mothers back in the past, so it always had a lean to the front even after I fixed the snapped springs.
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  19. My old van had Mazda 626 Velour Seats in it.
    They enhanced the driving experience.
  20. Well there's your answer then ...

    Personally I've got some out of a fancy Nissan executive something-or-other , came out of a low mileage rear end shunt in the local scrappy back in about 2003 ?

    Comfy as ....

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