Sealey super mig

Discussion in 'Tools' started by vinnyboy, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Got some gas on Saturday then dreamed about welding all night. New welder out the box and it doesn't work :mad: The wire feed motor not turning.
  2. Bummer. Maybe it's something simple..?
  3. which welder did you buy ?
  4. Sealey supermig 150. It looks like a nice bit of kit. I'm sure I've just been unlucky.
  5. Good news. I ended up getting my welder from Epic Tools via eBay, which sadly didn't work, but one phone call to a very nice apolagetic man and a new welder came the next day. Works a treat.
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  6. Just done my first welding job. 4 inch square hole in Astra front inner wing for a mate at work. Took a couple of nights. It's a hell of a lot harder than practicing on the work bench. No photos as it's nowt to be proud of but a bit of seam sealer and paint and he was very happy with it. Welder works well. Seems easy to use.
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  7. Good job you're on your way, just keep at it, better welding = less grinding. Remember its all about penetration (Oooh err missus) :thumbsup:
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