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Discussion in 'Tools' started by vinnyboy, Oct 6, 2016.

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  3. I need a couple of small patches welding on the back of the bus so started looking for someone to do it. Then I had a brain wave. Why not buy one of these and teach myself how to weld.
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  4. I have 3 cars with a combined age of 95. I work in a garage as a mechanic but have never welded before. It's got to be worth a go. Did a bit of research and this one gets great reviews.
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  6. I'll get plenty of practice in before touching the van. Some of the welders I've met have been as thick as castle walls so I guess with my O levels it should be a piece of yellow snow. :thumbsup:
  7. Yes. They also do an auto dimming helmet for £55 also highly rated.
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  8. Ive got a supermig 185, good kit. Shame I'm crap at welding!
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    It's pretty good, buy it and learn to weld then you can do all the mot failures :)
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    Slightly off topic as I cant comment on that particular welder, but I can defo recomend FFX if you do decide to buy any kit. I have recently had trouble with a Sealey vehicle lift bought from their eBay shop, and was very impressed with how quickly they had a replacement sent out without question. (the faulty one was picked up the morning after I emailed them, new one received 2 days later). They paid for all courier costs both ways as well. :thumbsup:
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  11. What is dubs and classics?
  12. I find that amazing unless , it's a posh garage...:D

    I'd use a cheap mask first ,then if you can weld with that you will be amazing with a flash helmet ,I am still waiting to transfer to amazing welder...;)
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  14. I'm still toying with the idea, what else do I need to buy ... wire, helmet and gas, as to the first two exactly what. This MIG stuff is all pretty new to me, as an apprentice I did proper old style arc welding and oxyacetylene, and my dad was a tip top ships welder but as he's long gone I can't ask him. As to the gas is the hobby weld stuff OK @volkswombat
  15. Still looking in to this^^. Sealey do a good auto dimming helmet. I think argon/ co2 mix is best for my use.
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  16. This year's Christmas list will be a good one. Helmet top of the list. Magnets and clamps lower down. I'll have to buy my own socks and underpants in the sales.
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  18. Hobby weld argon seems ok to me but what do I know! £100 initial outlay from local motor factor.
    Wire 0.6 or o.8 mm, I think it was.
    Helmet wants to be an auto mask, I was lucky enough to get given one by a mate at work. Head strap was broke, but I sourced the bits to fix it for a fiver. Helmet turned out be a pretty expensive good one, speedglas I think it is
  19. Beware of the cheaper Masks I got arc eye from a cheap one ! It didn't always auto dim !

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