SCC 2014 15-17th August

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  1. Hi Jan - i've finally been able to get on the website where it will take my booking, but...

    we want to travel as a family, 4 of us. I would want us all to get in and access the paddock. The kids are under 16, but would we have to buy a paddock ticket for all of us or will they not be allowed in?
  2. My understanding is, (having been before and knowing the venue) you need to book:

    Its an access all area's pass to all parts fo the show.

    Under 16's go free, But will need escorting in the pits as there is LOTS of vehicle movement and its a dangerous place to be.

    The Weekend Plus tickets are for the drag racers so they get a pit space resvered for them and elecy hook up.

    You wont need a plus ticket.

    Hope this helps



    Just read the tickets pricing section of the site and yes its confussing but I am certain I am correct the paddock passes is not about access but about being able to have a pit space reserved for your race car etc.
  3. What Alex said. :)
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  4. cheers, but i'd like to have a go with my doka on the track? That's why we're going!
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  5. Well then you pay for one weekend Plus pass for you and normal pass for your mrs and the kids go free :D
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  6. coolio - i'm sure they'll understand if i get it wrong, being a Johnny Foreigner and all that
  7. They are super friendly and helpful over there. I am JEALOUS, I will drive out there again one year.
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  8. The fastest original flor pan beetle in the world. there is a couple of hundred more hp in it now. Seeing and hearing this beetle is worth the trip in itselves
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  9. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    It's got 850HP there & they've added a couple of hundred more :eek:
    The engine builder is 90% blind, is that right?
  10. Yepp, you got that right. The driver and builder have been m8's since they where kids, and everything they got theire hands on with an engine
    they made it go faster than everything else :) The beetle is street legal :D
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  11. He's a proper inspiration when you meet him!
  12. How the hell do they manage to get the power down, that's awesome! Respect to the builder, he must have some really good senses :thumbsup:
  13. Jøran, a friend of mine are trying to sell his toy, Berserk. :D:lol:

  14. Ola Holm turned 18 and also got his DL today:chewie::thumbsup:
    His car is ready with new carbs and a stinger :)
    Losen is with a lot of help from kid bro also ready, i'm not, but that is normal :)
    Terje in Hemsedals expressen, with a new bigger turbo is also ready :cool:
    Linda in her Vespa service doka, still has some small things to fix tho :eek: but they have said they'll make it
    4 days to go before we hit for the place just north of insanity :D
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  15. Then it's all over for this year :) Weather was not on our side, so only racing on Saturday. Got 5 pulls, first 3 without getting it in 2. gear, did some adjustments and got 2 pulls , both in the low 14 sec. Best one, and a new PB of 14,18 sec.
    Guess i'll have to wait another year for a sub 14
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  16. my best run,,at the end
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