SCC 2014 15-17th August

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  1. [​IMG]

    See yall just north of insanity
  2. [​IMG]

    Another car from Slackers Garage :)
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  3. SCC is famous for good grip,,:eek:
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  5. I was there the year the CSP Ghia split its gearbox in two, Ahhh the memories, Joran's Beserk is looking great too. I am looking at flights so I can come even if it's just for the weekend. Might need to borrow a tent again.

    If anyone is sitting on the fence about attending, this is one of the best vw events in the world! Where else can you watch possible side by side 8 second passes, then go off to a lake and watch some swimwagens poter about in a lake before swinging past the offroad/rally stages to watch some bugs flying through the woods. The quality of the cars is unbelievable and the people are the freindlist bunch about. Well worth the trip!
  6. Where does this utopian event occur and should I put it on my bucket list!
  7. Just north of insanity :D
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  9. Plans are afoot for my first effort. Crewcab going in at the weekend to Saxon Motorsport for the first of its upgrades who are fitting a line lok, Hurst? With a trigger switch? They also happen to have some used race tyres which will fit :)

    Just have to build an engine, get a decent clutch, gearbox and drag racing tuition from somewhere :lol:

    Its on my calendar, hope the weather will be good enough for me to sleep on the load bed. Do you have Mosquitos that far north?
  10. I can help with the tuition, and I don't remember having any issues with bugs there, it does get VERY cold at night, I remember my first year laughing at all the locals in ski suits and i was still in shorts and tee shirt and 20 mins later I was the one being laughed at as I froze!
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  11. [​IMG]


    Proof I drove all the way to Norway in 2009
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  12. This is one trip me n Michelle would love to do in the westy, (we have an open invite from Jan to go over, as we do from Tommy) but she loves her summers in Greece..some persuasion is needed me thinks :D

    The pictures on SCC's Facebook page look great with some awesome cars on the strip, I wouldn't fancy taking Major up the strip but Gusbus when his new engine is done, maybe :thinking:
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  13. This I like alot, starting to sounds like a gang of Brits are at least thinking about coming over :)
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  14. Cheers
  15. :cool:
  16. Ikke forteller de hvor mye koster ølen eller så vil de ikke komme! Lol
  17. Why do you think we drive buses?:cheers:
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  18. Boys the beer is cheap as chips. :burp::beer:

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