Roofing question ( sorry plumbers.)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Betty the Bay, Oct 31, 2019.

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    :lol: Sorry
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  2. I've got a damp issue, but not that much of one !
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  3. If you still have water coming in then I'd think about how effective his repair has been. See if you can get a couple of pics from outside.
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    Get up in the loft next time it rains put newspaper down to show where the drips are take a good torch
  5. Done that, know here the drip shows, but can't see where it comes from.
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  6. Sorry, but just spotted this. If you’ve got a leak, it will be very very unlikely to be a hip or a ridge tile causing it. This is based on the fact that the hips and ridges are usually at the top of each roofing run. If your roof can’t fix it then get a real roofer up there. If a leak has appeared on a plain tile roof, I’d look at your base coarse / eaves coarse first. You can’t see your base coarse from the outside but it’s very important. These are a triple overlap style of tile working the same as slate in a triple overlap. These tiles are bowed front to back and slightly side to side so that 99.99999% of the water flows over and onto the tile below the remainder may slip off the side and onto the secondary overlap below then it’ll drain out onto the centre of the tile below. I’ll bet good money that this is your issue and it may be compounded by extending the reach of your lower courses by adding a little to the facia boards, possibly even cracking one while they’re up there. Where about are you? Any local Bay style tradies near you?

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,, talc is great for tracing leaks :);):)
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  7. I'm in Rotherham , as you suggest I'm getting a different roofer to have a look.
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  8. Well, I've had a proper ( for proper , read big and expensive) roofing company out , they have examined the roof inside and out.
    They consider the problem is the ridge tiles, and the full length of the hip could do with re-bedding.
    We discussed options and I did look at the dry ridge system.
    My question to you roofers out there is does it make sense to replace the ridge tiles with such a modern system on a 1930's roof, that's not perfect, but still sound.
  9. No. Find the source of water ingress first. Might be a cracked tile or something easy to sort. Replacing hips and ridges will most likely need scaffolding, felt needs to be in position for dry ridge system to be under guarantee, so re-roof in your case. See if you can get some pics from outside.
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  10. Look inside today you'll probably more than likely see where it's coming in.
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  11. Had a third opinion on my leak, he considered that it was a few cracked/ dislodged tiles that needed sorting and the re bedding of a few ridge tiles.
    Good news, here's my the third roofers own words, the work was negligible and he was going to sort it whilst I had my bay re-routed with a Firestone rubber system...he quoted £ 1200 for both jobs.
    However the second roofer, whilst wanting to do expensive ridge work, only quoted £660 for the flat roof.
    So, £ 500 for negligible tile work ?
    Reasonable....I have no idea what roofers charge....but we appear to be in plumber price territory!
  12. Why are you having the bay re-routed with tyre rubber :thinking:
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  13. Re- covered....and I think a ribbed poptop roof is the way forward.
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  14. Don't mention ribbed rubber to Bazza he comes over all strange.
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    No way ,roofers are like hi Im a roofer that will be £1000.00
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  16. Did you get your roof fixed eventually, jivester?
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    Yes the scaffolding finally went Tuesday,that was 3 months.Mr Roofers still has unfinished work for two of the neighbors which they have paid up front for
    .Mr Roofer was last seen driving off 3 weeks ago with the right huff when my next door neighbor told him he was hanging on to £500.00 until the scaffolding came down.
    In case you had forgotten there was 5 House's involved and we all had it done together.
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  18. The EDPM roof covering is more expensive to do than a 3 layer felt, even when taking insulation into account for some companies. Both jobs for these quotes can probably be done in a day or two depending on size of bay and how many ridges get rebedded. Assume there is scaffold here as you are liable for someone falling onto you drive or even worse the pop-top!:eek::oops:
  19. @Davipon Had a quote for £660 ,to do a 8ft long bay on a 30's semi, then £1200 to do same job a a minimal amount of repairs to the tiled roof while they were there.
    Either 1st quote was low, or 2nd quote was charging over £500 for minimal work ( their words ).
    Would appreciate your comments.
  20. £660 for the bay in a 3 layer torch on felt with insulation is ok, assuming it's a ground floor. the main roof is the issue, any scaffolding included? if so then yes (ish) depending on how many ridges/tiles etc to attend to.:confused:

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