Roofing question ( sorry plumbers.)

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  1. Got a leaky roof, close to the hip, near where the joists joints the wall plate.
    The roofers been up, re-bedded the two bottom ridge tiles, but can see nothing visibly wrong with the tiles.
    The problem is that my house was built in the 30's and the rosemary tiles are in good nick for their age, but there's no felt underneath them.
    Thinking laterally, was considering coating the area that appears to be where the problem is with expanding foam, in the hope of sealing the tiles together and stopping the water getting first thought was put silicone under the tiles on the outside to physically seal them together.
    Comments please on the stupidity of either ( or both ) of the ideas.
  2. any pic's have you checked the gutter?
  3. If the gutters stepped down that could possibly be your problem when it rains the force of the water will flow over the lead valley
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  4. Gutters and fascias recently renewed.
    The picture shows looking towards the corner of the can just about see a soggy batten...but no visible issue with tiles.[​IMG]

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  5. No lead, think you may have visited the property already !
    (Its a pitched roof, there are no valleys.)
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  6. theres a very good change its the new gutter?
    if i had a outside pic that would help.
  7. Is it a hip or a valley
  8. :lol:
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  9. :lol:
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  10. The gutter has had an additional outlet and downpipe at that corner to get rid of the water as the cowboy who fitted them had water holding there.
    The guttering is modern, probably 3/4 years old.
  11. I'm not a roofer and that includes looking from above !
    As I say, the roofer has been up and could see nothing except 2 loose ridge tiles, which he has fixed.
  12. Im guessing its a hip the ridge tiles need looking at.
  13. Yes that will do it ridge tile.
  14. All ridge tiles re-bedded 2-3 years ago, but despite their appearance, that's the most logical entry point...having said that the bottom 2 have been redone to try and solve the problem.
  15. Whatever you do don't foam the tiles it will cause nightmares later on.
    Costly but best thing is to strip, felt and re-tile.
    Just don't ask @jivedubbin for a recommendation.
  16. Rosemary clay tiles are notoriously porous when they start to delaminate, a pic of the hip and directly above would be really helpful.
    I'm a roofer and my roof has similar clay tiles and no felt, it looks pretty shocking but doesn't leak. Any major works to strip tiles, refelt and tile should be done to current building control regs which means insulating too.
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  17. Don't seal anywhere around it, at the best you create a dam and direct more water in, at worse you divert it somewhere it can't be seen or dry naturally.
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  18. I asked the roofer if we were ready for a retile, he said the tiles were sound and didn't think it warranted anything other than local repairs.
  19. Random!!

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