Road trips, what are you essentials?

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  1. Somewhere in Cornwall there's a small cove with a wooden shack that sells 'Hedgehogs' cream, wrapped in clotted cream, rolled in hazelnuts and chocolate.....unbelievably nice....maybe some of you TLB Kernowicks know the place?
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  2. Iv gotta a few long road trips in the next month or so I don't take anything special just plenty of beer and wallet full of cash for fuel !!
    Enjoy your self to !!
    Me off down that way weekend after volksworld bit of surfing in croyde with the kids for Easter :thumbsup:
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  3. Believe it or not, Manchester's annual rainfall is actually less than the UK's just that it seems like it's either about to rain, it's actually raining, or it's just stopped:D
  4. chapel porth...

    when I lived in Cornwall, I went to lakes for my holidays...:D

    found this picture

    see the guy far right ,tut where is your waterproof...?
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  5. is that the place?
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  6. just googled it and found a picture of said hedgehog...:D

    OK @moortarn I'll add to my list of essentials....a receptacle capable of holding atleast ten hedgehogs
  7. a freezer...
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  8. The plan is to end up in the Bude area, looking forward to it! We will be around the Lakes a lot this year we are 20 mins from Coniston Water.
  9. Love those hedgehogs they are the best thing ever. They also do some amazing cheese and mushroom toast thing☺
  10. go via chapel porth....:thumbsup::D
  11. I think a TLBHAS is in order...:food:
  12. go on it's only an hour and twenty mins away from Bude....once bitten, forever smitten
  13. Cheers Van, gonna check out the 'Hogs for sure!
  14. you won't regret it...:D
  15. Before you go,sit in the van and make a list.This list is written by meditating while thinking of making dinner or a cup of tea or anything you plan on doing on this trip.
    Write on your list what you have forgotten to take with...
    Light some incense and some candles and chant this too,"IIIIIMMMMMM nnnnnooooottttt gggggoooiiinng to foooorrrrgettt anything mmmmmm"
    An old rug is useful if you need to crawl under the motor to repair something,especially if the road is wet.....

    When you finally leave and 15 minutes down the road you will have a sickening feeling that you have forgotten something......
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  16. travel sickness pills?
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  17. Bugger all. Lets see what fruit/ veg that came out as. Frisbee if pushed, it's fun and a plate, not fun on a plate. Beer and toys of choice, plus a heavy dose of latent paranioar. Pants too, so not really bugger all. Have FUN!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  18. Ooo, bugger isnt a swear word then?!?!?!
  19. Travel light - whatever you need can be bought .

    A week in Cornwall isn`t a road trip to be honest......

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    A camera, we like pictures

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