Road trips, what are you essentials?

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  1. In may we going to embark on our first serious week or so long road trip to Cornwall, what is on your essential list of things to take?
  2. Bucket and spade :thumbsup:

    Have a lovely time.
  3. umbrella (I used to live there)
  4. a sense of humour...
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  5. seriously's the UK...virtually everything you may possibly need is available within striking distance.
    AA recovery is worth having...and waterproofs
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  6. sANDYbAY

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    That's an almost impossible question to answer. It depends on you and how you want to go camping.

    If you have a wife you'll need to remember to pack her, also if you have children they too will need to be safely stowed in the van. You will also need money, and the van keys.

    Now it starts to get a bit subjective. We have duplicates of stuff like salt, pepper, plates, pots, pans towels, toothbrushes, bedding tinned food, sauces which stay in the van permanently so we just need bread and milk before we go away.
    Other people take an awning and blow up beds, fire pits and wood to burn. Porta potties and toilet tents etc etc.

    If you do have kids then pack stuff they can do if it rains, a DVD player or iPad can be a god send to give you a few minutes peace and quiet while they watch a film.

    Try to resist the urge to pack everything and the kitchen sink, it's just extra stuff to move around in the van and if you have forgotten anything just go to a shop and buy it. It could be something as utilitarian as a frying pan but buy it anyway even though you have a perfectly good one at home. The pan then becomes the Van's frying pan and it's one less thing you'll have to pack next time.

    Most of all just relax and let stuff happen, it's when stuff "happens" that you get those magical memories.
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  7. Recovery - Check, Waterproofs - Check, Ale - Check, but she who knows best insists it's hair straighteners that are most important!!
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  8. one of them strap things to keep your awning from blowing into the sea...
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  9. Zed

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    A spade to dig a trench around your awning to stop it flooding. I've been to Cornwall, it's in a cloud.
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  10. sANDYbAY

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    It's only being so cheerful that keeps these guys going. :)
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  11. He is right , I had some happy coastal walking/surfing/snorkeling etc etc ...



    on the two days the sun came out...
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  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    You have to go to Cornwall once if you have a camper, but I won't be repeating it, there are gazillions of drier places. Like Wales.
  13. RAC card
  14. could double duty as panini warmers...:thumbsup:
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  15. I live in Cumbria..................Which is wetter than an Otters pocket!!
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  16. is it true the locals have webbed feet in Eskdale?
  17. surfboard strapped to the roof
  18. We are going in July, we went in May last year, it pee'd it down for 7 days, and beautifully sunny for two,

    We've got a log burner this year, so sod the rain :)

    We're not far from Cumbria too
  19. Quack!!
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  20. It's funny you should say that, Wales is the place I'll never go to again in a camper. It rained non-stop for a week.

    I did 3 weeks in cornwall in a T25 years ago and it was pretty much non-stop sunshine. Actually I've always been pretty lucky in Cornwall and Devon.

    Now, Manchester, that's a place where it always rains.

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