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  1. The one that @Suss and @crossy2112 went on their age concern Eastbourne holiday did:eek:
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  2. All part of the same group
  3. I would think most companies have a small contingency back up plan, but without wanting to use that most annoying of 2020 phrases, we are in an “unprecedented situation” with no real timeframe for things returning to normal*.... 2 months and counting, that’s a heck of a long time for a large company to be bringing in exactly zero money what so ever.

    *define ‘normal’ in any way you like!!
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  4. It is but surely there only outgoing is loan repayments and finance ? Staff will be paid by government. No fuel costs. Maybe they should have kept the coaches a bit longer rather than only a few years old. Too many shareholders wanting their money. The company has been around a hundred years. That's nearly as long as @Barry Haynes pants. Apparently they are still going strong
  5. One of the guys helping everyday at the food hub that I've also been volunteering at owns a coach/minibus company. He said that because he has a schools contract for the morning/afternoon pickups it has kept him afloat during bring closed - I just hope he stays afloat. He is organising a coach trip for NHS/keyworkers for when it can be run and gives everyday up to the foodhub.

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  6. You could eat your dinner from my pants they are so clean:thumbsup:
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  8. More Warren Buffet ... Naked swimmers ... tide has gone out ...
  9. Up North, they still call them charabancs, I believe...
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  10. They got the hump with those 2, @crossy2112 kept doing his pockets out elephant impression and @Suss kept nicking all the old girls mackersons:eek:
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  11. So that's ultra modern... on the IOW...:p
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  12. I heard @Suss normally sits down the back so he can moon at drivers behind.
  13. Like my bath tap :)
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    Now that would be great news wouldn’t it
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  15. We got tired of you asking us to get some phone numbers for you :rolleyes:
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  16. Oi that’s you banned from fares to the east nar , I have contact in these parts ya know . Grand hotel is off yr list nar fa starters o_O. We should all be buying these coaches and doing cheap fares fa the masses init :thumbsup::D sorry I ment bazza well and you norfuns too . Good old sirsex by the sea ya nose :thumbsup:
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  17. True, but if the coaches are replaced regularly as you say, the finance and loan repayments must be quite high (god knows what a luxury coach costs?!), plus presumably there is the cozy storage unit to keep all the coaches tucked up in, which would unlikely normally have to store ALL the coaches at the same time. Rent or owned, that would cost.
    I dunno, it seems a real shame that closing such an established business is the only answer though - especially with the knock-on effects to hotels etc.
    Maybe profits had been tailing off anyway (cheap flights to places with more guaranteed good weather, for those not too old to fly!) and this was the final nail in the coffin of the camel that had it's back broken by one too many straws. Or something like that ;)
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  18. We was told by a driver of another firm £250 k each . They have all been undercutting one another buzzlines a local one in Kent went last year . And yes sounds like the backs broken , just wait and see who swoops in and buys this lot up cheap . Old virgins holidays :D
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    Whatever happens I think it’s a shame when companies that have been going for years fails. The slack may well be bought up by big companies that have had the cash to continue alright through Coronavirus :(
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  20. Doing it exactly the way you taught me matey!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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