RIP Shearings

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  1. There will be a lot of old dears sad by the news. There is also a lot of people here as they bring a lot of people here and own hotels here.
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  2. What?
  3. Coach company that does holidays for the oldies.
    Poor old @Barry Haynes. What's he going to do now!
  4. Unfortunately they won’t be the last.
  5. Bugger , you wouldn`t understand @snotty , it`s a Northern thang ...

    An absolute institution who ran cheap coach holidays for (mostly) pensioners . A sad day as it`s not only Shearings that are stuffed but they filled hotels in the quiet months for decades so the hotels are shafted too .
    Same company as Wallace Arnolds who are/were based in Leeds based and their busses were everywhere , they even took us to swimming lessons at middle school ...

    Double Bugger ... :(:(

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  6. And national travel. Caledonian travel
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  7. Gutted! Poor Shearings.

    At first I thought you meant Ed Sheeran RIP and felt quite pleased.
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  8. OMG - what are we going to do for a cheap autumn holiday now ?

    Oh I know - get our own bus out ....

    ...when the campsites open the shower blocks that is
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  9. Not only that ...but the bus tours used to run out of holiday times giving them work out of season and for the stop over hotels ,hostels and the like .
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  10. You wouldn't want to buy one of their coaches, they all smell of yellow snow:eek:
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  11. Very sad.
    Never went on a Shearing holiday, but Wallace Arnold were very popular when I lived in Plymouth.

    The wider picture of knock on effects from the virus and lockdown is looking catastrophic.
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  12. Not being a great business man. But I wonder if these firms that have been going for decades are not surviving a few weeks shut down. What have they been doing with their finances/ profits over the years. You would think they would build up a little nest egg. ? Sure it will be a bit more complex than that but surly they must have some forward planning for events ?
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  13. They can't smell too bad. The ones that come here are all new. Lift axle 15m jobs. Maybe that's where the money went. The hotel here Broadway Park. Is very dated.
  14. You may be right, but I’d think the travel business is pretty hand to mouth. If something stops the cash coming in, you’re in trouble.
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  15. The management have probably got a friendly bank and a deal to buy a whole fleet of cheap coaches off the receivers when its all over.

    And reappear as Earings Holidays after a few minutes with a scraper..

    Meanwhile we are all become Puritans.
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  16. And now, from Norwich
    It's the quiz of the week.
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  17. Whatever happened to Wallace Arnold coaches? They were always full of oldies as well - on their way to watch Sale of the Century.
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  18. Many ended up relying on school transport contracts but a lot of the local authorities have cut back on that so far more kids get on public buses now.
    Which are overpriced and unreliable.
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