RHD Oz '76 Bay.Rot free.Ready to go whatever the weather.

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by skirk, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Having seen this van in the flesh (so to speak) I can confirm someone is going to get a great deal. This is a lot of van for the money with some nice little touches and Skirk is a really nice fella......BUMP! ;D
  2. If only I had the necessary!! ::)
  3. Been messed around at the mo by a couple of people so a bit disheartened.May take it off the market do a bit of tinkering to make it a little more flexible inside and put back on in the Spring.

    Thanks for cool comments.It is a top notch van and will be a shame to let it go when it eventually drives off into the horizon.
  4. Market should improve in spring if you can wait. Wishing id flogged mine and bought a sorted one as Im k-s into a resto I didnt realise was necessary!
  5. Skirk,

    Just noticed your location is Leics, is that Leicester? Where about's as I don't think I've seen either of your bays driving around?

    I would deffo wait until the spring if you can wait, good look with the sale as its a really nice looking bus...

  6. Hi Robo,

    No we are close to Loughborough.Jurgens is having a small re fit since end Sept'.Oz bay had a weekend in Lincoln for Halloween.For the spring the Aussie will have the standard engine as I would like to get the Jurgens on the road for Jan time and engines are removed and seem to get more interest with the standard cheaper engine in the Oz bus.

    R u in Leics City ?

    Cheers for the positive comments ;)
  10. I'm spitting distance from the Hoskins but the other side of Abbey Lane, used to drink down there many moons ago!

    Can't imagine anyone wanting to buy you Aussie without the propex but if by any chance they do then may I have first refusal please...
  11. This is us square wheeled at Abbey park:
  13. 2056cc Engine still in.Original 2 litre type 4 engine available to put in at the cheaper price.Thinking of re jigging the interior to add more space.

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