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  1. Hello and welcome to the restoration of a very pink, 1979 Devon Moonraker Double Top T2


    In the last 3 years she had only travelled from outside the previous owners house to the MOT station. I looked at the possibilities of getting it collected from Cardiff and delivered to the Midlands but as I like an adventure (and saving money) decided to drive it back as far as it kept running and then call the AA for the remainder of the journey.
    As expected it ran somewhat rough to start with and I thought she was going to stop in protest at leaving Wales as we went over the Severn Bridge, however there was a gradual improvement to the extent that I went over the Cotswold hills for the final stretch of the journey.
    I had never driven a T2 before but I'm so pleased to have the experience before taking it apart. Still amazed by the amount of VW's flashing their lights and waving- not sure if it will be the same when the colour is less 'vivid'.
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  2. Good luck with the resto
    Do you have any more pics?
  3. that looks cool! why project panther ;)
  4. Thanks @paradox more photos will follow including the funky interior!
    Hi @S1mon project panther as in Pink Panther but planning on changing the colour, hence not including it in the title
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  5. i think i worked that out on my own :p
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  6. Ha ha @S1mon
    Here you can see the very individual interior colours. Underneath the pink furnishings are the original checked tartan type cushions that Devon supplied and the units are the original with that 70's browny/yellow finish which has been overpainted with cream and pink stencilling.
    I figured if it was the original colour it would need repainting so the fact it was the pink at present makes no difference IMG_0087.JPG IMG_0088.JPG
  7. Wow, that interior is vey pink. :eek:
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  8. Proper retro floor :thumbsup:
    "On trend" just now!
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  9. Love the brown floor, If you ever decide to put new flooring in and want rid of it, let me know as I'd buy it ha ha!

    You can get replacement laminate in different colours and glue it on your pink cupboards, drawer fronts etc on ebay. There is a seller called "snowsgallery" and his laminate is really good and thick too. You can cover all the pink and save your units.

    Or you can still get the original yellow if you wanted to and re over your pink units!!

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  10. Wow, words cannot describe that! If I wished to be offensive, and I certainly don't, nevertheless, the description "looks like a tart's boudoir" sprang into my to mind.
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  11. Wow! Apart from the ‘interesting’ colour scheme inside and out, how the actual bodywork?
    Great that you made it the whole way gone without the need for a big yellow taxi, if only because the colour clash would’ve been horrendous! ;)
    Welcome to the forum
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  12. Barbara Cartland owned it for a while .
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  13. I was so shocked by the colour scheme, it made me forget my manners, apologies. Welcome! The bus looks like a sound project, from your photos.
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  14. Its a great van, I do love a bit of pink. If it was mine, I would just replace the roof canvas, touch up the paint here and there and drive it a lot. Wish it were mine.
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  15. Duplicate post
  16. Thanks everyone for the welcome's and the comments. @Mellow yellow thanks for the replacement laminate tip, looks like the way to go and @F_Pantos your comments made me laugh.

    Lots has been going on, first was to raise the roof of the garage by 1 foot and evict my other toy, an old TVR S2 to a storage locker. You can see the extent of height change in the picture below whilst I was waiting for delivery of the doors.

    Don't know how anyone restores a van outside, I take my hat off to them as it must be so much more challenging.


    And then finished with new electrics and lighting

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  17. Now the tear down can begin. I am under no illusions that the whole van will need restoring and therefore the interior is the first to come out

    Followed by the engine so I can get to the fuel tank

    The 70's flooring was the last bit to come out and underneath the source of the damp smell became evident as the foam insulation was soaking wet. I was pretty pleased with state of the floor panels as most of the original white paint was still in good condition.

    Having taken out the major fire hazards, next step is to take off the belly pans to uncover the full extent of the work required. I'm guessing this is always a bit of a lottery? I have the excellent Haynes Restoration guide and it gives some ideas for assessing likely condition but now is crunch time.
  18. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Looks very barabara Cartland, see my for sale thread for lots of new panels for sale :D
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  19. decent Resto threads are few and far between .
    Keep us posted
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  20. I knew that the corners would be rotten, given the amount of patching on the outriggers but I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the floor and the main chassis rails. New outrigger, jacking points, inner sills seem to be needed.
    What has surprised me is how structural repairs have just been tack welded..... guess it is from a different time where getting through an MOT was the most important thing rather than having a strong vehicle.
    Front nearside
    representative condition of floor
    offside sills are decidedly crusty and ripe for replacement, jacking points are similar to nearside above
    Full extent of the corrosion into the remains of the inner sill

    All in all not too bad. Now ready to start chopping out all the rusty panels
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