Restoration of Alice - 1977 Kombi Twin Slider

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  1. That's a great resto! How long did it take?
  2. 18 months matey, thanks for the compliment, much appreciated.


  3. i do like prototype bumpers on lates - nice bus
  4. Thanks Marowak, much appreciated
  5. 16th Jan 2012 update

    engine bay restoration underway...................engine out, stickers stripped out, both batteries and electrics removed


    rear nearside corner all fibreglass and bodge ! ...............................cut out, replacement welded in !


    rear offside corner........battery tray all fibreglass and bodge, cut out and replacement bought from justkampers. With tray out, rear corner is as rusty as hell, replacement ordered from justkampers.

    Rear nearside corner, battery tray and post welded in
    ..........tricky but got there in the end !


    Both sides rear chassis
    .......with both rear corners cut out, rusty sections of rear chassis found, cut out and new plates welded in.


    Next jobs :-

    Decided to spray fuel tank silver, as a good backdrop for resprayed tinwear.

    Rust treatment to put on, waxoyl to be sprayed inside chassis areas, engine compartment to be treated and painted properly.

    Booked into VW Engine Company for 30th Jan for fitting of 1641cc with twin carbs !! WILL WE HIT THAT DATE ?!?!

    :- :- :-
  6. Bodywork, engine bay and rear corners all finished on time.

    Went to VW Engine Company for reconditioned 1641cc, twin webber engine to be fitted, with new tinware, chrome extras and red trimming kit !

    Looks fantastic, goes really well and sounds great, thanks so much to the guys at VW Engine Company, a first rate job !

    Now looking forward to Volksworld to test her out and show her off as part of the display.

    I will put some pics on of the engine soon.


  7. dog


    lovely looking bus buddy!
    have you tried it with clear indicators? just think they'd look really good with that colour :)
  8. thanks dog, much appreciated.

    no i havent but think i might now, i hadnt thought of that one


  9. just lovely. that soft blue color is spot on. stellar job.
  10. Pics of restored engine bay and recon'd 1641cc - twin Webber engine from VW engine Company

    Great job, goes really well and sounds great !

    Really looking forward to VolksWorld this weekend.


  11. And Dog, i have fitted clear indicator lens back and front, they look much better, thanks for the tip.


    Mark and Alison
  12. Mark ditch that red translucent dizzy cap dude they cause no end of problems
  13. Thanks for he tip paradox, I carry a spare original cap with me as a spare, so will put that on instead.


  14. looking good mate - I will be able to see her close up on saturday ;D
  15. I have sent a personal message but I don't think it wants to work!

    To say I was excited to see the pics of Alice was an understatement!

    Alice was built / restored by friends and now family back in the 90's. It looks as if it hasn't been touched since they built it. ( even down to the sound system ). Alice was the reason I got into VWs and she has had a big impact on lots of other v dubbers lives. The original owners son even had a tatoo of Alice on his arm last year!

    It so cool you have managed to keep her original look;0)

    If want a little more history I'm sure I can help

    Very nice job

  16. Hi baz, thanks for the MSG on here and the email, great to hear Alice's history.

    I will respond to the email, We are more than keen to know more of her past.

    It would be great to see u at one of the shows too.

    All the best

    Mark and Alison
  17. Lenny, my other tip would be to buy this months vw camper and commercial, Alice in that too !

    Mark and Alison

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