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  1. It's very like a normal seal but with an insert a la panel van conversion seals. You can get chrome effect inserts that I more or less destroyed the "chrome" while fitting, or plain black. Both expand the seal after you have it fitted so the initial fitting isn't so tight. OR you can get proper deluxe with an aluminium insert but the insert doesn't expand the rubber, has to be fitted before fitting the window and seal into the van and I think would be more difficult than a plain seal to fit, particularly while not denting the flimsy aluminium deluxe insert. For mine I'd be going for the black plastic insert type - black to match the other seals.
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  2. My front is repaired wrongly so that my 4 year old replacement new windscreen will not go in properly at the top or the bottom at the same time. Any paint and filler to make a smooth hole and it just gets worse.

    So I gun in either proper windscreen sealant round the outside if the weather is dry or if I get desperate, acrylic (water based) sealant to push the trapped water out. Its either that or end up with water running down the steering column after it overflows from the lake across the lower edge of the windscreen
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  3. I helped SandyBay fit his windscreen - just like yours I thought there was no hope and was all for giving up after several hours and a few attempts from scratch. I should be able to tell having fitted loads by myself I thought, but it went in eventually due to bob's persistence, not mine. It had to be hit hard with a lump hammer/wood block on the seal but it did get there. I was surprised we didn't crack the screen. And look at the one with a huge flat bit of filler I posted earlier - that one went in and didn't leak. You're not hitting it hard enough. :D
  4. My vote is always for repairing it properly but it’s a long job if your skills are not up to it. When I did this job I had to up my welding game and that took some time. I also did a lot of other repairs that were convenient with the windshield out. Something to be said for keeping it rolling.

    I don’t know if your windscreen is original. In the US the windscreen glass that is widely available doesn’t fit well at the corners. It is slightly too large even with a high quality seal. I don’t know if you have similar issues in the UK.

    Just some things to consider.
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  5. That was years ago I remember the swearing, thats why I have never wanted to remove mine I was traumatised !!!!

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  6. Haha,
    I forgot you were there too. If it had been mine I'd have hit it harder but it wasn't going to be me breaking Bob's screen. The old toughened screens were very difficult to break, they bend a surprising amount as does plain glass for houses, but the laminated ones can crack if you're unlucky.
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  7. I hit this laminated one a little too hard at the top!
    The toughened one I replaced it with took a hell of a beating quite happily.
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  8. Dubs

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    We have all done it!

    I have a lammy T25 windscreen to fit later... can't say I'm looking forward to it tbh!
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  9. Which is why I'm considering a seal with an insert - what you reckon?
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  10. IMG-20191211-WA0001.jpg I recently had the roof and front panel painted, it was a bit of a shock how much the tin worm had set in. The screen guys struggled. The laminated screen was re-fitted with a new seal I got from C&C. It. Fits ok but the top corners edges don't quite 'cling' to the body like the rest of the seal, annoying!. Tried thumping but no improvement so to fill the 1to3mm gap masked and used black silicone.
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    I have only used the type with the chrome trim that you fit to the rubber before fitting the screen, or panel van type seals tbh.

    If it is as you describe, IE a proper seal, but with an insert you fit after, then it might make the job easier. Unless the insert is that hard plastic Marmitee that comes rolled up so tightly, it pulls itself out the recess as you go round.

    Iv got my ordinary Vewib seals sunbathing as we speak, and all my fingers crossed. .
  12. Please let me know if you try that Zedders.
  13. I had one on the Early with a chrome effect plastic insert. It's not like fitting panel van windows. I wish I had better memory of it but it must have been easy or I wouldn't have whipped it out every time I was fettling with stuff under the dash.:thinking:
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  14. Ouch - that's what I'm dreading. It's the gap top corners where the water from the gutters gets in I think. mine are juuuust proud of the van but it's enough. 1-3mm? :eek: That's nowhere near surely?
  15. I have a post problem, the office here is shut so there's nobody around for couriers who might or might not just dump it outside. I've got a back log of things I would like to buy. :(
  16. I'll take a few snaps later, don't think it's particularly noticeable. With the cover always on the van I need to have another deco.
  17. While I’m sure the advice is sound I bottled cutting the lower surround out completely and opted for patch repairs, rust converter and some filler.



    Only time will tell if this repair can withstand the elements.

    Got to paint it now and then do battle with the windscreen.

  18. Looks great!
    Might just well do the job and survive.
    I repaired my motorbike fairing in 2014 and was told it wouldn’t last the’s still absolutely fine, so perhaps your repair will be too
    Good luck with the windscreen.

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  19. And after a little more fettling..


    I’m quite pleased with it.

    The question now is do I risk my marriage trying to put the screen back in and the swearing that’s likely to ensue or risk breaking social distancing rules and enlist the help of a friend / neighbour ?

    I guess I could get a windscreen guy round - then it’s someone else’s problem.

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  20. Very nice. Prob with getting a pro round is if they break it and haven't supplied it, tough titty.
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