Repair or Replace ?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by stirlingmoz, May 17, 2020.

  1. Got the windscreen and seal out of the crewcab.

    The rust isn’t quite as bad as I thought - hope I’ve caught it before it got really bad..




    The question is do I chop it all out and replace with repair panels or try more localised repair ?

    What do I treat the good metal with ?

    What do you guys think ?

  2. If you have the time chop out and replace .....bodge for another 4 to 5 years if it's garaged .
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  3. That doesn’t look too bad at all! I’d say localised repairs. You might need some of the small windscreen repair panels still though.
    Did the seal arrive?

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  4. Personally I’d get one of these and cut back to good metal, it looks like the rot’s already passed the window recess and onto the swage line so making repairs with all the right curves could be tricky. I’d take the paint off the swage and then cut a horizontal line from the bottom of the lowest point of rot and replace that upwards.
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  5. Crikey £750 for a front panel...

    I used one as cockers links to ^ on my bus. Joining halfway up the indicators cuts out a lot of welding, retains all the creases and bends and just filler each side. Good result/effort.
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  6. Or just bash it in and carve out of filler, you wouldn't be the first.
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  7. No seal yet but as you can see, I’m not desperate right now.

    I was hoping I might get away with localised repair as I fear I may get out of my depth if I go too much further.

    Thanks for the link to Schofields. I see they do a range of windscreen aperture repair panels.

    I’m torn now - the tools are all away (Quiet Sunday for me and the neighbours) so I’ve got a bit of time to ponder it.

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  8. Or the last
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  9. This is likely what I face. Windscreen seal has never fitted properly and putting silicone around the edge doesn’t seem to have helped. Tell tale signs are visible.
    Good luck

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  10. Silicon...not the best solution. What a mess it makes. I need to push my windscreen out clean and seal - windscreen sealant for the win. Another job I'm not getting around to. :(
  11. [​IMG]
    Didn’t turn out too badly, so did all the windows.
    Only recently realised that damage was likely done prior to sealing them So its a start-again-job.

    I’ll look up Windscreen Sealant

    I empathise with “Another job...”!

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  12. Tidy, but little point seal against the glass? When I've successfully done or had windscreens sealed the sealant goes between body and seal under the seal with any excess outside removed. Windscreens are funny things. Sometimes they seal, sometimes they don't.
    These did... front carved from filler...How did the windscreen even fit??? I know it did though, I took it out myself.
    And this - never a drop so I didn't bother fixing it. :D

    But now my late does leak. I'm wondering if I got the screen fitted well enough so I'm going to refit it and see if that works first. Looks a bit wrong bottom corner and not banged in enough at the top?? but it won't shift however hard I bang it. I'm going to regret leaving this for 4 1/2 years.
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  13. What to bash one out:thumbsup:

    Or is it bash one in:rolleyes:
  14. I might even try one of the deluxe screen seals with the inserts, they are easier to fit and remove - the one on the crusty early up their ^ was in and out 3 or 4 times no leaks.
  15. A wise man once said leave it in the sun for a while.

    Have you tried giving it a bash after its been in the sun all day?
  16. Yes I have, It's sort of gummed in place after so long I think.
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  17. Im Just being stupid, as I'd just read another post where you suggested leaving in the sun.

    Surely a job where many hands would make it easier
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  18. I believe that was connected to trying to get them out in a reusable state...and fitting, but you need to be doing your thumping when you fit them or soon after, not 4 years later. Any holes left where the water gets in are now full of dust, water and algae...I hope not rust, I've had a quick look and it's gritty slime under. Even if I could get it seated properly with all that underneath the sealing won't work and sealant wouldn't either. It's gotta come out. :(
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  19. Fingers crossed for slime only
  20. Ooo what’s a Deluxe Seal?

    The sealant is still stuck to the glass 2yrs later. I needed a quick repair because I don’t have anyone to help me. I thought sealant on glass was ok.
    I doubt PO put sealant under the seal and I struggled to retrospectively do that.

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