Received my new van - slight (hopefully) issue....

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  1. Where do you take your van for work & who is this trusted mechanic you speak of?
  2. Sorry bud, only just seen this. Again, very kind - thanks very much. Can pop around whenever convenient. I’ll keep checking on here. Thanks!
  3. Owls garage in burscough - he ll happily admit he is no air cooled expert but he’s always looked after my vans. My Jurgens didn’t let me down once!
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  4. Wrong carb .. will never work very well even with pre heat despite what a few will say . It would have originally came with twin carbs ...

    could be a vacuum leak on servo

    So picked the van up today from the barn to
    Try and get this problem sorted. On the way I stopped by cunny44 who kindly gave me a wheel cover - thanks again!

    I jump started the van and it ran fine. I made the mistake at the junction to take my foot off the accelerator and had to jump again in the road.... doh!

    van ran fine on way to garage but wouldn’t start again when I turned it off. I’m thinking bad battery but mechanic will look today.

    i removed the horrible plates and put some nice ones on! I also had a good look in the engine bay and think it may be a twin carb version . Any feedback would be appreciated!

    thanks again for all of your help

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  6. It was twin carbs but as lhu1281 said someone has fitted a single carb.
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  7. Personally, I'd get shot of that and go back to twins. It will cause you no end of trouble.
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  8. It will cause your mechanic no end of trouble.
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  9. Mine was fitted by a specialist who loved them...when he retired, my new mechanic wanted it returning to stock before he would work on it.
    Personally, I couldn't fault the carb, except for the time it took to warm up.
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  10. and keep costing you money paying the garage.
  11. So what’s the general concensus everyone, do I keep it as it is or change back to twin carb? I’m genuinely clueless. Also any idea of cost to change back?
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  13. Dubs

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    Another vote for twin carbs here. They perform so much better than the single Weber you have at the moment.
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  14. That looks pretty good value.
    I reckon my dells, linkage and K&Ns cost only a little less 14 years ago, and I got the carbs from Italy as they were a lot less than buying over here at the time.

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  15. Thanks everyone - so what are the issues I will potentially face without changing?
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    Depends how much time has been invested in setting it up for your engine, but as a rule, poor running / stalling when cold, poor mpg, increased engine wear from running too rich, constant ridicule from the cool kids with twin carbs....
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  17. Cheers, why was it changed then?!!
  18. Possibly because a single carb can, but not always, be cheaper than twins and some people believe they work. And they’re marketed as a performance upgrade so must be better than the standard twin carbs. Some even remove fuel injection, fit a single carb and claim it works well.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned that VW fitted a single carb to the wasserboxer engine. It’s easy to get heat into the carb from the water-cooling system to help keep the fuel atomised in the long manifolds and reduce the risk of icing but much more difficult on the air-cooled Type 4.

    Having said all that, you’re moving to Spain, aren’t you? As long as you only drive when it’s hot and dry you might be happy with the single carb and if your mechanic can get the engine to run reasonably well in the UK why not leave it and decide later whether to change to twins or not.
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  19. Thanks for the info buddy. Yes plan is to move to Spain but also need to drive down there so need it to be reliable like my last bus! Confusing
  20. Exactly. Mine was tuned and couldn’t fault it. Though you do need a dizzy with a vacuum. Otherwise I had a terrible flat spot.
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