Received my new van - slight (hopefully) issue....

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  1. Hi everyone

    I received my van on a low loader last week - it was a risk but solid body and worth every penny even if it does need engine work. The battery was flat so we winched it off the loader into the barn.

    I went over tonight to jump start it and it started up first time. However when i took my foot off the accelerator, it kept shutting off after a few seconds. The seller said the timing needed doing. Could it be this or something more serious?

    My mechanic is going to take a look next week but asking here first to hopefully ease my mind!

    Thanks in advance everyone. Pics attached of new van.

    van 1.1.PNG van 3.jpg van 4.jpg van 5.jpg van 6.jpg van 2.PNG
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  2. Quite easily timing yes. Assume it’s not been used for a while and give it a service. Valves, fresh oil, timing.

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  3. excellent, thats reassuring! thank you!
  4. looks nice - interior looks like someone spent a bunch of money on it (or was very good with tools). Not sure how you'd sleep on those curved sofas though :)
  5. Looks good especially the interior - tick over problem at cold should be an easy fix with a service - ps - it's a bus
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  6. Ok its a nice looking van, but how about posting a pic of your engine, which is where the running problem is. Poor starting and cutting out are common issues posted on the forum. I wouldn't mess with the timing just yet.

    I would get a new battery and service the engine at the very least change the oil. Your cutting out may be fuelling and the carb and choke may need adjusting.

    Are you hands on and going to do your own maintenance or pay a 'vw garage' to do it.
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  7. Dubs

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    Nice bus. :thumbsup:

    What engine has it got? Idle problem could be many things, but give it a service and fresh petrol first. If it's a single centre mount carb, make sure it has all the warm air pick up bits in place and working.
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  8. I'd sort that number plate out before you do anything else.
    A late Charles Wright font on a '73 bus just looks so desperately wrong.
  9. Yeah I looked through the history file, some poor bugger spent nearly 5k on it! It’s a rock and roll too so makes a decent size bed
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  10. Already ordered new plates!
  11. doh just attached - 1700..... eventually when I quit my job and have some time I will get my hands dirty! For now a decent mechanic who I trust will do it!

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  12. Thanks bud, just posted a pic of engine. 1700
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  13. I had a similar carb on mine, ran well once warmed up but was a sod to keep ticking over until it was warm.
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  14. Ftfy

    Looks good.
    If it dies then timing.
    Unless you want to be constantly ripped off for garage time wiggling and poking bits, go to a T2D Boot Camp and come to Techenders to avoid paying to have such trivial non running issues fixed in future.:beer:
  15. Dubs

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    Ah. Looks like you have a Weber progressive carb with no pre heat kit, so you may well have idle issues when cold with that. A good service May help though.

    A good excuse to upgrade to twin carbs.. :thumbsup:
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  16. Love that interior.
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  17. Just got the Spare wheel cover out the garage @VWFURGOJURGENS - still in one piece - so the mice haven't got it yet - so still usuable - it's the one on the front in my avatar . I'll be in during the afternoon if you still want it - cheers Cam
  18. Nice looking bus, interior looks cozy and comfortable :)
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  19. Nice, looks different with that curved seat, could be quite a party bus, get loads of folk in there :thumbsup:
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  20. Looks brilliant! Congrats.
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