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  1. Follow up from my Q in the general forum about rear view mirror cameras I got mine fitted last night and thought I'd post up now I've got it installed.

    I think this is a brilliant upgrade btw and I'm pleased with it.

    I wanted a mirror that was similar in size to my existing one but that's pretty impossible to find, so I opted for a 10.88" Jansite, a newer model with a decent camera. Not too big, some are 12". Cost me £93 incl P&P with a 64gb card.
    Less than half what the repair for my reversing into a low post was a couple of years ago!.
    Its got two cameras, a front and a rear and records both cameras on a loop

    I liked what @77 Westy has done rear camera mounting (here > but the camera I got isn't the same (although I found out I can buy them for about £10) so for now mines attached with double sided number plate tape which means its not permanent but will be adequate for the job.

    Quite discreet.
    cameras placement.jpg

    camera mount.jpg

    I read a lot of reviews, a few people say its lame in direct sunlight or rain but to be honest the view out the back of my van isn't great in the same conditions so a camera can't be any worse.

    Fitting wise I ran it around the screen rubber so its barely noticeable, I got a 10m cable (option is 6m or 10m) which I thought would be a bit too long but by the time I had neatened up the runs there wasn't that much left. I drilled a hole in my spare wheel well to go into the engine bay and another hole behind the rear number plate to pass the camera cable through. The mirror itself clamps on over your existing mirror using bungee straps. Once I'm def sure about it I might make it a bit more permanent.

    There's another "reversing cable" as well which can give parallel reverse lines if you want them, its an option you simply attach it to your reversing light cable and it works when you select reverse (guidelines appear onscreen).
    I don't have reverse lights but there's been a cable in my rear loom redundant for almost 50 years, now it has a home !

    When I powered up the screen (wiring is 3 wires, ign live, a perm battery live and earth) it was a "wow look at that".

    What would be visible normally in rearview mirror
    normal view.jpg

    What I actually see out the back behind me is this tiny bit
    No obstruction in the view

    I didn't realise you could do this (no pics unfortunately) but it can scroll up and down as though you are scrolling your phone screen (so imagine a picture and what you see is the middle of the picture on the screen, you have the option to scroll up to the top of the image or the bottom) so I can adjust the view to see close to the floor (low obstructions when reversing) or up higher than the normal view (overhanging tree or something). You just slide your finger up or down on the screen. By default (tap twice) it shows the centre.

    Instead of just rear you can choose to see the front camera view or choose split of front and back view. It seems a bit pointless bar setting up the front view for recording, but its there anyway. So 3 view options.

    split view.jpg

    Its really weird adjusting the mirror inside the van, obviously the image stays the same but your mind is used to the reflection moving about when you adjust.

    The unit records on a continuous loop both cameras. If you are thinking of getting one make sure you get the camera on the same side you sit, there are options for L or R sided front facing cameras. It has to mimic your view of the road and be on the same side you sit. I like the fact its constantly recording, a dash cam front and rear.
    When you turn off the ign the mirror shuts down.

    It has a few basic options you can adjust, settings for contrast etc but its not complicated. Bottom line is its a mirror replacement with the added benefit it records. I did at one point start to look into if they come with sat nav options but I use my phone for that and I couldn't really see the benefit of more stuff on the screen.

    Even though the mirror is bigger I don't think its obstructive. I think most modern motors have bigger mirrors so its something I'm used to anyway. It looks ok from the outside as well.

    from outside.jpg

    Because the original mirror is quite small the camera you can see on the right doesn't have to be extended, it just fits. I read some people said the mirror attachment rubber bands can be a bit flaky, it seems ok at the moment but if I can fix my bus by the side of the road I can stop a mirror wobbling, if it does happen I'll probably use mounting tape behind the unit to adhere it to the mirror more permanently.

    Its a decent price and I like it, a good upgrade. If someone else is looking into these I hope this helped.

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    @pgtips I like that, although not seeing a mirror image might take some getting used to. Can you still use the sun visors and do you have a link to what you have bought?
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  4. Funnily enough it is a mirror image, they must have some code in it to make it swap but if you look at the bits of number plate on the Mrs mini its back to front..

    JMCQ Direct Store
    A Jansite 10.88 Inch
    The exact option one I got was T60 -H35 - 10m - Z03 with 64Gb card.

    comes up as £78.15 then you have to add vat now so £94 ish.

    Sun visors, its ok, don't forget you're not knocking or adjusting mirror anymore. Visors don't go all the way but I'm ok with it, it can be moved to let them move all the way without messing up the view anymore :).
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  5. 77 Westy

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    I’ve never paid VAT on anything I’ve purchased from AliExpress and it’s a lot easier for me to buy from China than the UK. That would be £74.11 for me.
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  6. Where do you live?. It all changed Dec 29th for us in the UK, AExpress vat at source :-/

    Actually I shouldn't complain really, we all have to pay our dues
  7. 77 Westy

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    France :thumbsup:
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  8. Lovely, you never know might be seeing you next year, we're planning a trip... assuming covid doesn't ruin everything !
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    2022 seems realistic. I’m hoping to get to the UK in October this year to collect some seats I bought last year but I’m not holding my breath. We’re west of Lyon, please call in if you’re near and there is plenty of room in the garden if you want to stopover – we’ve only had one visitor from TLB but I think were okay, we’ve not killed anyone yet anyway.:)
  10. Evidence will be caught on my new rearview camera !!
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    I used one a few years ago(cheaper version) when I switched the screen off it turned into a conventional mirror BUT continued to record,
    I thought it was a good idea as it was less distracting
    Does yours do the same?
  12. I don't know yet tbh. Its a bit new but once I've got more used to it I'll start experimenting.
  13. I've always thought of upgrading to one of these but I want one with a built in satnav. anyone seen anything like that?
  14. There's a few but it does hike the cost a bit and your visible area for rear view (as a mirror) becomes smaller.

    I've ended up sticking with Google maps on my phone and find that's ok. I think you can get radios that have sat nav built in which might be another option to consider.

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