Rear discs

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  1. The is a well researched thread on the early b a y forum about this exact subject.

    In short - No
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    I’ve got to admit, that was my understanding!
  3. Vehicle manufacturers spend a fortune on testing etc ..I don’t think safely you can just cobble together stuff that fits and hope it will perform as good as manufacture spec brakes ..the master cylinder is matched to what brakes you have front and rear and depending on where the weight of the vehicle bias is. The last thing you want is the rears to lock up under braking and overtake the front of car ... having said that 95 % of modern cars have rear discs so they must be better or cheaper
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  4. Any progress?!
  5. ha ha very funny, got all bits managed to get rear hub nuts off and then did Mot and need new beam :(... oh and moved house too. lol
  6. Ah... sounds like my sort of progress!!
  7. need to get sorted next month as travelling through Spain/france fully loaded, will keep eye out for servo too
  8. Trial fitted set up with braided hoses. New MC and rebuilt front on new beam.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. All fitted up ok?

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