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  1. Been thinking about this recently planned on stripping down rear hub and prepping.
    Found brackets for calipers ordered sharman discs then got spare hubs off here and borrowed set of golf mk4 calipers.
    Found sharman discs were bit big so today collected mk4 golf rears. Hoping to get hubs turned down in next few days. Will paint brackets and have ordered mk3 carriers so hopefully next week can put together. This is an experiment after various web findings but cant justify £650+ on premade set for something that probably wont be major increase in braking. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. What are you going to use master cylinder wise ? I opted for the 944 master when I did my rear discs
  3. When I get everything built up was going to look into master cylinder options. Which discs etc you use

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  4. What size wheels do you ujave? The brackets and those calipers won't fit under standard 14" wheels
  5. Page 2 on my build thread below .....

    I used the alloy 944 master cylinder ..
  6. 15 s fella did you do this

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  7. You'll be ok with 15's, I haven't done it but my mate makes the brackets for the kit and we have been exploring possibilities to get some calipers that will fit under 14's.

    Where did you get your brackets from?
  8. your mate Nick he said you were exploring possibilities. not got as far as putting together until we lathe hubs only issue so far is larger disc and caliper combination dont align with bracket but thats with Mk4 carriers. Have ordered Mk3 carriers as thats what Nick suggested but havent picked them up yet. I have aquired the Mk4 bits FOC so thought I would try it first.
  9. Just a thought... aren't Mk 4 golf discs 5x100 PCD?
  10. Yes but these are sharran discs which are 5*112
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  11. Sorry, thought you’d collected Mk 4 rear discs today!

    Watching in anticipation :)
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  12. Some mk4 s are 256mm and 5 x112 pcd also. Collecting carriers monday so will have better idea of fit then. Hubs not back for few days either.

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  13. Wouldn`t it be easier to just buy a T5 ??


  14. got one already
  15. That`s just flash :p

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  16. It might be just the way the pic is taken, but doesn’t the caliper push onto the Sharan disc a bit further and help centralise the adapter?
  17. Next you`ll be getting a nice little caravan :)

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  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Will it make a meaningful / any difference to the braking?
  19. Hopefully they will be the correct fit. Got them both from gsf with 58% off. Havent you pkrboo done this

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