FOR SALE Rare collectors item

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  1. I’ve a couple of spare pairs of socks...... so there’s 4 do’s :thumbsup:
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  2. Can I ask about the genuine reason for sale? !? Surely this will come in handy one day
  3. I'm saving up for some wet wipes
  4. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Is it tax free and is it RHD
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  5. Rationing is back..... it’s like the war! o_O
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  6. In the depths of India the right hand is for eating and the left is for.....guess.
  7. Peeling potatoes?

    Doing the Times Crossword?

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  8. Not these. Hint. paper!
  9. origami...?
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  10. When does the looting and rioting start?
  11. I’ve heard perforations have been halved on the next batches :D
  12. The start of the toilet roll wars :eek:
  13. They are doing toilet baguette’s now :eek:
  14. I heard they are going to ration it by cutting the rolls into strips like sellotape to maximise coverage
  15. Our family has already resorted to a bucket of water and a sponge on a stick. If it was good enough for the Romans...
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