FOR SALE Rare collectors item

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  1. IMG_4849.jpg
    Relisted due to time waster. First to see will buy. No tyre kickers or dreamers. Rust free. Genuine reason for sale.
    £10,000 o.n.o
    Located in Yorkshire.
  2. Is it NOS?
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  3. Think so. I initially bought it off @davidoft and most of his gear is NOS
  4. Dubs

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  5. What oil does it use?
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  6. Is that one of those Brazilian-made ones? Wouldn't even wipe my a**e with one of those...
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  7. ... But I genuinely think that's going to be less absorbent than the 1970's Devon interior I had to rip out of my bus...
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  8. Poptop2

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    Ow much?
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  9. davidoft

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    I have people who service my behind, I assume they use Phoenix feathers as my pretty behind is to perfect for anything less
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  10. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not that rare, I saw my neighbour with around 100 of them in his boot!!
  11. Worth a fortune that is.
    Sell it as a breast enlargement roll. £3000 for two sheets
    If somebody asks how do you know it works just reply. “Well it worked on your bum”:)
  12. Shame you appear to be talking out of it :)
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  13. Bring back IZAL that will stop them bulk buying.
  14. Do you have a roll of " now wash your hands" school smear it?:p
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  15. Just done big shop and there was not one toilet roll or any dried pasta in the whole supermarket!!! WTF it’s not the apocalypse!! I’ll have to wipe my arse on a copy of the Sun! o_O
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  16. My mate sent me a couple of photos earlier of the empty loo roll and pasta shelves in Salisbury Tesco..... it's madness! The annoying thing is that I actually need to buy some bog roll.... but I spotted a big delivery lorry reversed up to our co-op when I was coming home tonight, so I'll be down there at 10am tomorrow with all the other panic buyers! World's gone mad, I tell you!
  17. We have 2 teenage boys who can crap for England... I’ve had to buy 28 packs of baby wipes & a lorry load of kitchen roll just in case! It’s utter madness!
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  18. @Barry Haynes is your man for this JT.
    We all know that he talks a load of s...!:D
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  19. The well done version is not so rare but heaps better and Rex used to use it . I’ve got one up a woollen dolls skirt in our toilet for emergency’s so I’ll pass on yours thanks :thumbsup:
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  20. That's what I was thinking - medicated Izal - shiny on one side and very shiny on the other

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