WANTED Radio flyer all terrain wagon

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  1. Excellent piece of realism. I spent my youth with a bunch of people who very loudly and publicly kicked at the system. There are people who are able to be FAR more subversive by keeping their heads down and blending in.
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    Lots of flyers for sale at Standford Hall yesterday, some used for lugging kids and parts.

    There was one stall flogging old rope to rat look aficionados I guess that did give me a laugh :)
  3. Somewhat true but here you still have a lass, who switches on the swagger when she enters her sons high school ...its like an allergic reaction ... thankfully in turn he rebels and is the perfect student ..maybe there is an unplanned ,ethos in my madness
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  4. Nobody wants to be like their parents.
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  5. well.....got one!! and have to say used it today at attingham park and little 'Eliza' just loved it so worth the should i shouldn't i saga!! :)
  6. Good job! my daughter loves ours and my son will be big enough for it next year too (we have the big 2 seat one). I know theyre kinda scene and people love to hate on them but for kids and all their associated crap theyre a godsend lol im thinking about getting a big red atv next and fitting it out with go kart wheels and a chainsaw motor :)
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  7. pics!! which one did you get in the end
  8. I'll upload a few pics now
  9. Overload pics..but couldn't resist! ;-)
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    That B&W picture is lovely, needs to be framed and on your wall. :)
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