WANTED Radio flyer all terrain wagon

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by charlene, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. n i fawt you would know http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Flyer :D
  2. I would have one if it was cheap, its easier to drag than carry a kid, Couldn't give a monkeys if its cool or not.
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  3. That's the thing they are £250! And I know you can get the cheaper versions but I like a bit of branding!! Lol!
  4. thats peanuts these days some people spend thousands on cool cars :D
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  5. And a pineapple.

  6. there naff because there in the feckin way at shows...:hattip:
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  7. Flakey

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    Put some big tyres on a shopping trolley, start a new trend.
  8. my next door neighbour recently passed away and shes got an old wheelbarrow in her garage i could pinch/borrow for you, bling it up a bit and away you go
    that would be cool and would carry loads.
    you'll need to pump the tyre up a bit
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  9. we've had a wagon for ages.. recently bought a vw camper van to go with it. is that cool too? or naff?
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  10. Naff.
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  11. Its cool to be practical :thumbsup:

    When we are finished with the buggy im going to get one of those big green ones used for gardening with big tyres from a garden centre, they are only £70 new
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  12. no scene tax applied on that one then :D
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  14. I have a green jerry can you can have with pleasure :)
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  15. Ive got the big two seat ATV one......the kids lovve it and I use it away from show to haul them and their associated carp around in :) its a yes from me
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  16. If you want one get one ! It's your choice, we have a fake all terrain one which cost forty quid , sprayed it Matt black and it's great for show , pushing a wheelchair and carrying stuff is no easy task. People love to take the Michael of people who do or don't follow the scene , does not give any odds either way if you don't or do , I own an old trunk fair enough it's not on the bus , I love old tat and always have done , not going to change that just as it is 'trendy' ..spent my life kicking back against the trend but in the end I am just the same as all the others who did . Have fun enjoy and even give the trolley a name ..., mine is Ollie trolley

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