quit sugar for a month..?

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  1. Makes no difference how old you are , I was just making sure I’d survived longer than you on my beliefs :D I’m past your next goal n more ;) . Dangerous age fifties , too much stress n over active ask your doctor :D or you could believe me ;)
  2. Active and stress free here,Barney. Just like a dr would want a person to be.And before you say something along the lines of 'lucky you',I believe that a person MAKES their own luck,to a certain degree.And I do believe it makes a difference on how old a person is,as the person is then,usually,in a different mindset.
    So how old are you? Quit pro quo,Barneyrubble, Quit pro quo. I answered your fair question,now you answer mine.
  3. Oh,and while I'm at it,for anyone else reading this who is trying their best to lose weight. Normally,when you start excercising,chances are,you WILL put on more weight and become discouraged.
    Usually, the reason for this,is that you'll be gaining muscle.Muscle is heavier than fat.The more muscle you gain,the easier it is to move the weight around.
    The more times you move the Weight around,the more fat you will burn,so even though you are getting heavier,you will be getting more toned and less wider,if you see what I mean.
    Don't be discouraged.As some of you may know,I'm a gardener,and this time of year,I lose a considerable amount of weight due to inactivity as I'm obviously not so busy.
    Most people put it on.In summer,I'm at my heaviest,but look thinner.
    Stay safe ,kids.x
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  4. Sadly more and more folks are becoming fatter and a proportion of those are obese. The numbers are rising steeply and in parallel to that cases of type 2 diabetes are rising steeply. Type 2 diabetes is where the body can't produce enough insulin to bring down the high blood glucose levels. Sugar and hidden sugar in processed foods raises blood glucose very fast and overwhelms the body's own insulin.

    Giving up sugar and reducing processed foods would give the body a chance. Regular exercise is also very important as the aim is to stabilize blood glucose and maintain muscle mass.

    Common sense says eating loads of junk food and eating too much of it and not exercising would risk obesity and diabetes. So cut out the sugar and exercise more.
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  5. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I say the only person that knows what’s best for you is yourself, only you know what you do is wrong or right and only you is going to change that .
    I’ll leave it at that ..
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    I’m on an after Christmas attempt to lose weight. As from Monday.

    My main weight putter on is beer, which I love. I don’t each much, am not into sweet food, I’d rather have savoury, but the pounds are creeping on and I am now near the ‘obese’ bit of BMI scale. :eek:

    I don’t feel obese but I am a tubber. I blame my hormones :)

    Although I have a manual job I don’t actually move around much when I’m at work as may be stood in one place sorting a boiler etc.

    I bought a turbo thing and put my bike in the dining room, problem is my joints are so achey that it hurts my knees and ankles so haven’t been on it a while :(.

    I’m going to do a no alcohol in the week, except book club night and Fridays and see if that works:)
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  7. Good for you. It’s those poor old knees that are carrying the weight around, remember? Get rid of the weight...
    And in the meantime, wear neoprene knee supports. You won’t need them one day.
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  8. Not nessasarily... it depends on what you BELIEVE is right. Dosnt mean that it is. People used to BELIEVE the world was square once, until someone saw a ship disappear over the horizon.
    I’ll leave it at that..
  9. In all honesty, you need to do a no alcohol week for a lot longer than a week... no offence, but a week is feck all, and a pint of beer is the equivalent of four pieces of white bread.and the turbo trainer? Believe me, bin it. Get a push bike and just ride 5 miles every other day. It’s only takes the same time as watching an hour or so of telly.The first 3 miles will try and kill you,but it gets better In time. This time next year, you’ll be doing sportives.
  10. Haven't read all the posts but sugar is a natural product and safe but wouldn't say the same about artificial sweetener. They cause cancer and trick your insulin levels and make you gain weight.
    I have full fat/sugar everything and several lgers a day and am 8 st 3. The government are tricking you into carcinogenic products because sugar is 100% dearer than artificial chemicals.

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  11. I agree. Aspartame is a sweetener linked to brain cancer. And small/ petite/ thin, whatever you want to call in, can die from blocked arteries due to bad diet. It’s not always the people with a large body mass. It’s the unseen stuff, too.
  12. Full fat/sugar everything and several lagers a day has to spell trouble long term. On that diet I would get the blood sugar and urine tested, and being low weight is one of the signs of diabetes.

    I agree that artificial sweeteners are toxic.
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  13. I concur.

    This thread is digging up all sorts of nasties, isn’t it?
    I hope it’s a good thing and people are taking notice.
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  14. Of course it’s natural and safe, but not in the amounts nowadays, as it’s ‘hidden’ in foods. Usually, ‘quick or convienience’foods.
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  15. It's no difference than any other food even cream donuts you can eat anything in you like in moderation.

    I was shocked to see how much sugar is in kids breakfast cereal
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  16. Weetabix is 4.4% Kelloggs Cornflakes 6% Scotts Porage Oats 1%

    Its the ones like Cheerios, Sugar Puffs and so on which are much higher in sugar.

    So parents can choose lower sugar products if they bother to look on the packets.

    I was brought up on porage or egg on toast for breakfast.
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  17. My 9 year old son knows how much sugar is in everything, but that is because we have educated about how much he should have, doesn't mean he always sticks to the guidelines though. Eating chocolate is fine because it's pretty transparent that it's going to contain a large amount of sugar. It is those foods with hidden sugars that are the real problem, which is why cooking anything from scratch will always be better.
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  18. Again, it goes back to excercise. So called BMI charts are a load of rubbish! Earlier on in this epic Novel of a thread, I mentioned that Sir Bradly Wiggins ate 11,000 calories while in training. Look at him! His BMI is probably around 20! These scales are just invented for someone who’s bored! It means nothing! It’s all down to moderation. But cutting sugar and processed foods out all together, is the way to go! My father used to tell me...”Don’t eat round meat!”. I. E sausages from a shop, not a butchers. Round processed ham/chicken, that sort of thing. Eat something that looks like it was cut off of an animal.
    Sweets, cakes, all that sort of thing, yeah, eat it, but not loads. You are what you eat,aparrantly, and if your gonna eat sh&t...
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