quit sugar for a month..?

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  1. I’m big boned and it’s my hormones. Honestly..
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  2. Me too although a stone slimmer than I was a month ago.

    I did 13 hours on a bike once and my heart rate monitor told me I'd burnt 8,000 calories, That was a steady 100 off road miles.
    I think you have to burn 3,500 calories above those you'd normally burn to lose 1lb in weight, its an awful lot of cycling.
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    Totally agree , once a fit active young man, manual job, I now sit on my backside all day in an office and this time of year - at home too.
    I’ve started going on long walks and cycling, the gym bores me senseless but yes as mentioned in another thread I’ve been married for 25years so don’t get much excercise at home either , if you eat the calories they need to be burned off or you end up fat - simple , I don’t need educating I just need to have motivation and I when I have that as i do at the moment - I’m all goody two shoes - the whole office had fish and chips today - god knows how I resisted that but I did - and had a low calorie cup of soup flavoured water :thumbsup:
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    I love you @Barry Haynes :p
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  5. You can’t lose weight overnight. It takes time. You need a target time of at least a year. It’s bad to lose too much, too soon. My cousin was 22 stone. He’s 15 stone now, 4 years later...and it stays off becuase he’s mentally change himself as well as physically.
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  7. I stopped buying stuff but then Christmas comes along n you buy fa others but I lost 2 last year n am hoping to get under 12 this year n back in my 32s fingers crossed , but like you say daz it’s just will power and long walks are good if you can . Go mate you will do it :thumbsup:
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  8. That sounds like most of us, older more sedentary lifestyle, I walk the dogs every day so they are a great incentive to get out and cycle in the garage on the turbo

    The only way to lose it overnight is to chop your leg off and that is a bit drastic. I've lost a stone just two more to go before June, I'm off on a cycling holiday in the French Alps and every additional pound will involve more effort. Failure isn't an option :D We have just about finished the Christmas goodies so should start to become a bit easier.:thumbsup:
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  9. Mrs C joined fat club and over the space of 2 years averaged a few pounds a month weight loss 3 stone in total. Losing it slowly generally helps in keeping it off :thumbsup:
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    Short sharp shock for me :thumbsup:
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  11. Mrs S said that I needed to loose some weight but when I mentioned that I'd already looked into it and found that
    the Brussel Sprout diet would probably work best for me she soon changed her tune!!!:thumbsup:
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  12. Hmmm... motivation, eh?... ok then, how about this?
    You will probably die sooner! Or cost the already struggling NHS more!
    Get fit, you fat Illegitimate child!

    Here to help.
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    Mmm , yep that’s motivated me - thanks
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  14. No Worries!:thumbsup:
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  15. As a leading expert could you not get a job working for them on minimum wage to help out young maaaan :D
  16. The sensible ones might listen...
  17. You do realise the longer you live , the more money you are going to need don’t you :D
  18. Depends HOW you live...I find as I get older,I tend to need less things around me.We come from nothing,we go to nothing. What have you possibly lost?
    However,I will try for my children's sake to do the best that I possibly can,to live longer by being healthier,and I know I could get 'knocked down by a bus' tomorrow,(not a VW bus,I'm not that bloody slow to get out of the way), it all starts with sensible diet and excercise.
    Also,in my case,I suffer from gout if I don't stay fit and eat healthy. Problem with gout though,is what is seemed good and healthy for some,I.e, some green veg,some meats even some fruit,are high in purines which cause it.But I have learned that sitting on your arse and eating processed food and drinking anything fizzy,really dosnt help.( type 2 diabetes is caused by a lot of that rubbish,too), weather you have gout or not,remember,there's still many people alive in their 90's,that didn't eat all that crap.
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  19. In 2004 I lost 13 stone of ugly fat, that was my second divorce :thumbsup:
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  20. Bet that cost ya!

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