proper stubborn chassis bolt ......???

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by johnnysensi, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. bruv i dont mean to make you laff......loooool or do i ........was funny in tool shop other day ,guy infront was asking for a starshaped driver for his socket ..........lil orinental bloke couldnt understand him til i shouted out a benny hill accent ....the shopowner didnt bat a eyelid and said ooooo pripps....i nearly yellow snowed myself laffing
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    well if you go through the pantry and down the back stairs you should be able to get to it round the back ;)

    usually if you lift the carpet up there is access to the threaded part from inside the chassis rail may have to pull up some sound deadening, not done it on one of these but other cars and there is usually a slotted part in the floor covered with stuck down tar type matting, it you snap it or spin the nut in the chassis its gonna be a proper ball ache
  4. tried lifting the carpet ....normally drain plugs or sumthing there but its american built all steel floor...might get grinder out and replace bolt if i can find a mopar part number for said bolt if the mass burning dont work tomoz .....
  5. I know your not zed

    I started writing a really witty post but forgot what i was thinking half way through so just deleted backwards till it made sense then hit reply lmao
  6. zed always pick on me .......loooool ...all cool ......wouldnt mind tho i was humming stairway to heaven whilst typing ,think that was it
  7. Stairwell to heaven isn't it?
  9. spent most of my youth is stairwells to heaven ..... :thinking:
  10. thank you zed ,is that 50 percent discount on bodywork at your place and you just cant get it out bruv...there i says it for ya
  11. How long do I legally have to charge double before I can call the normal price 50% discount? 3 days? I'll tell you next week than... ;)
  12. i hear you brother zed ...what if i get ya nice lil thai bride and new grinder
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    So, did you manage to get it off?
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    Johhny sir -- people are waiting for you to post a question in the ultimate quiz -- you could ask how you got yer nuts off ;)
  16. dog


    good job getting the bolt out buddy, i love reading your posts, they make my day :thumbsup:

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