proper stubborn chassis bolt ......???

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by johnnysensi, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. ive tried breaker bar on this 24mm chassis bolt ....will not move a bit ......has any latebay dudes got a clever way of moving stubborn bolts....ive tried heat ,tried cold and ive tried penertrating spray ....4 foot breaker bar will not shift it ......this a non vw motor .....sorry latebay but im stumped after 20 years fixing motors and transits this has really got me thinking ,cant even weld on the nut has is stuck so tight that the welds would break before the bolt will shift ......this a chassis bolt for a lower control arm(wishbone to me and you )
    peace out and thanks in advance
  2. impact gun ?
  3. i would have thought that i got get more torque with a 4 foot breaking bar than a impact gun ...i never use impact guns or air guns ,im old skool and hand tool man lol ......
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  5. Johnny I would give one a try or if you havnt one available try sweating it then giving it a whack with a hammer. Its not just the torque you are looking for its the shock from the impact.

    A bit like an impact driver when you have a stubborn screw.

    nothing ventured nothing gained an all that! :)
  6. If a 4ft breaker bar wont do it, What about a 6ft breaker bar? :)
  7. Have you tried swearing and throwing tools at it.....

    Or sneaking up on it, taking it by surprise!!

    Or positive thoughts...

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    As Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand and a long enough lever and I'll shear a bolt."
  9. Tell it a few jokes and see if you can 'crack it up'

    I'm not helping much am i
  10. just a thought - are you turning it the right way? You sometimes find fasteners that have the thread the opposite way...

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  13. Try it a little every day. It's like having a nagging wife (eventually it'll crack)!
    On a serious note do you have a pic of the offending nut, and what sort of access do you have to it?
  14. full access to the bolt head ,but no access to threads as it bolted in chassis rail ....gona burn it up again tomoz......its a lower control arm (wishbone bush at back of a chrylser neon/cruiser chassis.)easy job cep for that bolt argggggggggggg
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    does it go upwards into the chassis under the back seat or boot area?
  16. Build a proper good blob of hot weld on top of the nut head then wind out with spanner whilst still hot
  18. Stair well? Would that be in the hallway or the basement?

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