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  1. Thank you. Any idea how thick they should be please? Is there a reason why they're essential?
  2. They’re about 3mm thick and are to allow space for the coupling to flex – the steering box flange (item 7) has the spacers built in.
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  3. Thank you, yes it makes sense as the column tube pokes out under the flange by about 4mm. Luckily I found my little stash I put in a bag about a year ago :)
    Sometimes I'm organised.
  4. Bit more sanding and priming
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  5. Looking good mate

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  6. More engine bay prepping and priming
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  7. Bit more prepping and priming
    I also tried to seam seal the engine bay but the tube of sealer had different ideas

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  8. Is that you being a bit too brutal with the skeleton gun or was the tube cardboard?
  9. Or, needful of a bigger 'ole in the nozzle?
  10. The outlet hole was pierced properly
    The nozzle cut to allow a decent wide opening
    The ring pull section was removed for the plunger
    The sealer I did get out was nice and flowing
    But I was squeezing with two hands to get it to come out and it was squashing the tube up and bending the caulking gun so I couldn’t use it properly.
    Feck knows what was going on
    I’ve another two tubes so I hope they behave better.
    I’ve never had this problem with tiger seal
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  11. Strangely enough the same happened to me with Tiger Seal. Ended up chucking 3/4 of a tube. Won't buy it again.
  12. Strange goings on
  13. Cut one open to see what the problem is.
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  14. I could do but don’t know if I can be arsed cleaning up the resulting mess

  15. Agree :thumbsup:
  16. davidoft

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    can get that problem if the sealer is a bit cold, drop it in a tub of hot water, or keep it in yer kecks :D
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  17. Cheers for the tip
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  18. Is that where you keep yours?
    Would explain a lot...:eek:
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  19. davidoft

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    I use an empty cartridge to keep my sausage straight ;) x
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  20. Merlin Cat

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    :rolleyes: I actually shook my head at your response @davidoft, as well as raising my eyebrows!
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