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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Looking good fella ...when will we be finished dare i ask :thinking:
  2. If all goes well I’ll be driving it next year
    I don’t think they are ever finished though
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  3. You’re right there, they are never ever finished. Always something to be done
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  4. I’ve got one section of the engine bay prepped and coated in zinc rich primer.
    It was a bit of a shock when I started painting and a mouse shot out of the fuel tank bay.

  5. Did you paint it as it ran past?
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  6. No he used zinc rich primer for the mouses first coat!
  7. It probably got a light misting as it bolted out
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  8. Started scraping loose paint/seam sealer and sanding on the other side of the engine bay.
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  9. Check that hose whilst you're there fella, you know it makes sense.
    Although knowing you its already been done....;)
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  10. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Mondrapose ? :D
  11. I’ll be replacing all the breather and fuel hoses with 100% bio fuel stuff when it goes back together
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  12. No doubt it’ll not be long before it chews on your wiring and anything it can get it’s teeth through.
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  13. No wiring loom and it’s not the first time in the paravans history I’ve dealt with rodents

  14. That's coz its like the bloody Forth Bridge :p
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  15. When time life and
    Money is no object I may do a resto/ build your all content with.

    For now I will carry on with this in my own time in my own way!
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  16. Just gently playing the game Para, no offence meant. As you are more than aware I've been supporting you and your ways for we forget eh...
    Bottom line is what you do is still interesting so gets comment. Rue the day when no one cares x
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  17. People that have spent the time to properly get to know me
    Know who I am and what my outlook is
    I’ve always been an outdoorsman by nature and nurture
    I bought the van in 2006 during I’ll health and getting chucked out of the forces as I was a week away from

    I lost everything in that time including my job, home,friends everything I knew as normal went within a month
    My health was ruined
    We were on the homeless registry
    Then I lost my dad my wife’s mum was diagnosed with Huntington’s then we lost her
    We got kicked out of rented property after rented property

    Ducked over time and time again

    The one constant we have of happy times is this old van

    We used the crap out of it for years and gained many memories

    Then it was passed to a so called pro which only made things worse

    Unpicking poor work makes many thing harder as does a
    Heart that doesn’t work properly

    End of the day I’m stubborn
    I could have sold it during the dub boom bought a sprinter and been banging out van life hash tags

    It will get finished it won’t be perfect
    Finishing it is a state of mind that keeps
    Me going
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  18. Some more engine bay prepping and a bit of primer

  19. Please tell me about the thick washers?
  20. They're item 13 on this drawing Mark:

    Steering coupling drawing.jpg
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