Other people's kids

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SweeneyTodd, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Nige! People in glass houses.....!?!
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  2. Moons

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    That was a central tenant for the defence in the Glitter v The Crown case.

    It did not work then.
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  3. Mrs ST & I have come to the conclusion that ugly people must use that new dating app .....

    ........Munter :thumbsup:
  4. jivedubbin

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    Blacked out windows here mate
  5. [QUOTE="SweeneyTodd, post: 1627399, member: 9890] Then hunt down the father![/QUOTE]

    Good luck with that round our way...
  6. Terrordales

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    I'm not fond of other peoples children and at times haven't been too keen on the one we bred.

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  7. Your dog's new toy looks just like my wife's favourite toy.
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  8. This is a tad awkward where are you buying your dogs toys from?:eek:
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  9. That made me laugh a lot :thumbsup:
  10. Can spot folk from trading classes a mile off, dog ALWAYS on the left even if they are on the righthand side pavement. Idiots.
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  11. Are the trading classes similar to the working class
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  12. Other people's kids
    Popular with Glitter and Savile:eek:
  13. Still are, oop north!
    Dark ages up there...

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