Other people's kids

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SweeneyTodd, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Oops. Popped in for a nose and seem to have fallen into the an episode of grumpy old men!

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  2. PIE


    Or jumping up your stonewashed!!!
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  3. My neighbours teenage kids see their parents as a free taxi service.
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  4. Come on, join in and discover your inner grumpyness.
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  5. Well, I get paid to teach other people's kids, and just like adults, some of them are lovely and some are not!
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  6. That's why @Suss mum and dad had blacked out windows in the back of their car where he sat :p
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    No I'd feel odd, I actually like kids and especially if I can give them back :)
  8. To be fair it's probably the parents/grandparents that are the problem....remember when you could go in a pub and not have your pint knocked over by a kid playing hide and seek under the tables ?
    I was going around a stately home recently and the little darlings were touching everything... bless !
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  9. They made him wear a ski mask for years :thumbsup:
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  10. When I was a little kid dad drove us around in a Ford 100e VAN just to make sure:D
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    Stop quoting me, I go off to a happy thread and you keep dragging me back here. It's your fault if I have an Horlicks before bed tonight! :mad:
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  12. That's because kids weren't allowed in pubs back then. Used to be kept in beer gardens, or a function room with the women.

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  13. Malc, you’re not supposed to snatch them from the playground.

    But if they didn’t have kids, who would go down to the dealers to get their turbo skunk and crack?
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  14. We used to babysit a friends "child" years ago, that was one horrid kid. I never checked but I reckon she had hooves, the scream she could emit was chilling. I tried placating it with milk and just ended up squirting the stuff in its face . It is most likely a traffic warden now
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  15. We got her for xmas!
    (Not really! Born 02/01/18, we got her March '18)
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  16. Always remember:

    A dog is for Christmas, not for life.
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  17. ...as they say in Korea.
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    That's one ugly looking pup
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  19. We have turkey darn sarf:thumbsup:
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