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Discussion in 'How To' started by PanZer, May 8, 2018.

  1. ‘Blinker Fluid’:
    •An imaginary liquid used in automobiles (to make the blinkers work). This term is used as a sarcastic remark toward someone who knows ablsolutely nothing about cars.

    Ha ha I actually had to look it I’m thinking I need some

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  2. Finally finished my bespoke Fuel Vapour System. Thanks for all the advice
    Spent the last few days contorted like a Chinese gymnast sorting this out.

    LHS attachment...

    RHS attachment...

    Central section & Oil Breather Pipe...

    Connection to Carb Air Filter...

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  3. Hi Panzer,

    woukd you please advise what products you purchased, really like the clips and pipe.

    appreciate it’s an old post, but I’ve been reading lots of these of the similar issue.


  4. Hi Tony.
    Ran out of phone data for the month so only just picked up your message.
    Will look in to it all for you over the weekend.
    All sourced from ebay so easy enough to purchase

    ‘No record of the nameless’
    (a free documentary)

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  5. no rush in your own time
  6. Just be aware that if you brim the tank and the breather tubes only run horizontal, they will drain off petrol until the fuel level goes down , as the engine is below the tank, and the tank breathers are well below the fuel filler

    The bulb in the pipe is larger volume than the pipe feed from the tank so that any petrol slopped up a breather and driven by expanding vapour reaches the bulb, stops and the vapour bubbles through to the air intake.

    Then as the tank pressure drops it gets sucked back.

    The stock setup isnt just for turning a bus upside down, it stops petrol slopping into the carb intake or just around your wheel arches.

    You could make a setup using brake line soldered/brazed into bulbs made out of copper or steel pipe, or even have them at the top of the loop with a short pipe going from the tank and a long pipe at the top of the bulb going to the air intake.
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  7. What Mike says. Panzer's could do with loops up into the vents though I'd guess he's never had a problem as the breathers cross over from the tank to prevent the cornering problem...but full tank left, right left corners technically could send fuel through the pipes. I don't know how that would end but pouring fuel into the carb filter is likely not a great idea.

  8. Cheers for the updates and upgrades info @zedders & @mikedjames.
    My van came without anything other than the breather tubes from the tank to just about entering below the vents. I tried to replicate what i’d read on Samba but there was no mention about the condensers (if that’s what they are called) high up in the vents. Silly me assumed it wasn’t essential, so it’s good to know why they were there in the first place.
    Mike’s suggestion sounds good, but ambitious for me at the moment A loop upwards in to the vents could quite easily be done, assuming the silicone hose can retain itself in the absence of easily installing a bracket.

    This is all very good info for @Tony, since he is starting from scratch. I can modify/improve mine.

    What i’ve done certainly has helped (mainly I did it for safety reasons), but to be honest i’ve not driven it enough to really say if it’s any good. I did notice fuel dribbling out of my left carb after stopping on the way home from Techenders - that seemed to be the tin lid of it had slightly vibrated loose. Freaked me out as I still had >100 miles to go...perhaps it was actually because of my imperfect vapour system allowing fuel in to it.

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  9. Here you go fella
    This is what it should look like up in the rear vents
  10. Nice. I can see where mine were cut off now
    At least, when I get to cleaning & painting the vents, I can just go nuts, safe in the knowledge I won’t be disturbing or damaging anything sensitive.

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  11. Hi @tony.

    These bits are pretty much what I used:
    90• Elbows where appropriate...
    These clips for most of the run where connectors were used...

    Some connections were T shaped.
    Used these larger adjustable clips in a couple of places. The elbows have a larger OD...
    And it all passed through these, which were riveted to the ceiling...
    I added nylon nuts to them to make sure nothing vibrates loose.

    Do you have single or twin carbs?

    I did the best I could at the time but i’m sure it could be better. Making some sort of loop up in to the air vent sounds like a good which I will look in to

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  12. Awesome, appreciate you taking the time to look for the info, have a good day bud.
  13. No worries
    Just realised those images didn’t necessarily depict the actual sizes used
    Think the silicone hose was 8mm ID, then everything matched to that.
    OD diameters of whatever you buy might differ from mine when it comes to clips n clamps etc. I know I tried to preempt things by ordering those in advance, only to discover they weren’t a good fit. So if adverts don’t tell you the OD, i’d wait for the pipes and then purchase the rest to match I now have a box of probably not useful “spares”

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  14. 8mm ID sounds too big. More like 5 or 6mm to fit onto any existing steel pipe...but I'm sure you guys have a vernier to measure it.
  15. Yes, Aldi’s best digital callipers :)
  16. The 8mm ID was to fit over the 7mm OD of the breather pipe. I guess I couldn’t find a 7mm ID tube.

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  17. Could you source the metal condensers pipes, that you are missing, from a scrap bus?
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  18. That would be the better solution Tricky to attach them though I suspect...that would be some top notch welding - couldn’t even hold them in place.
    Reckon mine got cut off if those sections were replaced. Can’t see how they could’ve removed them otherwise

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  19. Agreed, fixing them up inside the vents not obvious. Maybe glue them?
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  20. They are held in place with clips
    Apart from I think one section higher up which is welded
    I’d imagine you could as Zed says glue them in place
    Possibly with sikaflex

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