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  1. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

    I've read a few threads on the subject of fuel smells, but didn't find an answer to mine - more on that later.

    At Techenders it got pointed out that I don't have a Fuel Vapour Breather all...nada! The Air Intake Vents are devoid of any evidence of there being one...

    I mentioned it to my mechanic because I've been getting fuel smells recently. He said I might have this Open System (from factory) but I can't find anything about it on Google. He told me a few things to look for in the engine area, which I shall set about doing today.

    I did see these pipes above the Fuel Tank and don't know if they are part of this Open System...

    Having said that, the fuel smell could be Carbs related anyway - mine are pretty big - as it manifests itself evidently on accelerating hard. Other things I've checked and decided it couldn't be are:
    •Fuel Sender Gauge was newly installed and I've an access hatch and there is no scent emanating from around the tank
    •Tank above, checked and no scent in the tank area
    •Fuel evidence of any fuel leak anywhere

    Other observations are...
    •Checks have been done on less than half a tank of fuel, so not fuel Filler pipe related
    •Smell isn't being funnelled through the air vent system to the cab
    •Vents & Engine Bay etc do not smell of fuel when I stop driving
    •It isn't related to cornering

    Following my nose, the place where it smells the most is actually on the inside of the cabin beside the RHS Air Intake. There are some holes in the internal bodywork there (I've a cupboard there, so it was trapping the smell quite readily). I will check behind the Paint Can Lid thingy later.

    •Should I retrospectively fit a Vapour System. Found this one:

    •If Carburettor linked is there anything I can do about that?

    Thanks folks

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  2. Poptop2

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    I’m guessing the breather pipes on the tank are open then. Probably the reason you smell fuel through intake vents
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  3. upload_2018-5-8_12-10-5.png

    you need these
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  4. pick ups don't have the evap system as nowhere for em to be. Interested. Thing my canisters leak as getting a smell from one side and they look crusty. Not sure where pick ups vent too but someone will be along to advise.
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  5. Surely it's more likely that somebody has just removed half the pipework thinking they know better?
    The canisters don't appear to be fixed in the air intakes, just the self supporting pipes, so if they are removed there would be no evidence of them ever being there
  6. Cheers
    I've been looking all of this up for a while. A few parts of the above standard system can be sourced, but not the whole lot as far as I can see. That's why I'm pondering the after-market solution
    I'll keep looking though.

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  7. Cheers.
    Interesting! I was assuming they were welded in place. Makes much more sense that they were seamlessly removed than I simply have antique setup which probably isn't working anyway.
    More than likely a muppet removal at some point

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  8. Sorry for my delayed got in the way of living!

    I took the paint can lid off for a look and it seems, to my untrained eye, that there is a breather pipe in there and that the fuel intake pipework is in ok condition:

    On the other side, behind the spare wheel holder, I discovered this - which has been mentioned in numerous threads:

    So folks, this is what an Open Breather System looks like!!
    Fuel Intake side must be similarly 'open'.

    Since the pipework in the pain-in-the-ass to reach parts is possibly intact, I'm now hoping this aftermarket solution will do the job:

    What do we reckon? Might also be easier to maintain moving forwards.
    I've also read that vapour can be directed in to the Carbs, but that's rocket science to me so I've no idea

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  9. Poptop2

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    I think the open pipes need to piped into the carb. And the whole system overhauled tbh
  10. Unless yours is an import from a third world county, I have never seen one with an open breather system (apart from the instant expert bodges) From the late 60s early 70s vehicles had to have anti spill from the fuel tanks if you inverted the vehicle hence the breather pipes going up the air vents so the fuel head is always below the breather outlet.
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  11. No wonder you could smell petrol, hope you find a easy solution soon.
  12. that's an LPG kit for running your cooker!

    Id just extend the pipes to a tee and take a sinle pipe to the airbox as per standard and see how you go. The arrangements in the vents are to allow the vapour to condense into liquid and run back down the pipework towards the tank. (I think)
  13. I am just in the throws of doing exactly that.

    I have the same issues as you with my van , i can see that the pipes within the rear air vents are there but cut off behind the wheel well and the battery tray.
    i have just refurbished an air filter that i got from the Stanford Hall show and today a pipes elbow joint etc have come through the post . i will take some pictures and add them to my post
    On the thread i have had some great advice and images that have assisted me .
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  14. The fuel pipe looks wet to me; check the top elbow, they often split. And as Dicky says that Tinley Tech vapour kit is a gas tank.
  15. Thanks everyone.
    Sorry for my delayed reply...for some reason I just couldn't get in to the forum - the website wasn't even working!

    Think I'll explore the piped feed to twin carbs option, from what I've read so far. I'll also check the fuel inlet pipes again

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  16. [​IMG]


    I read about a hack for my lack of Fuel Vapour Breather System (above's been cut out) on


    Since I've got Twin Carbs and no traditional Air Filter, what I can do is use silicone hose from the original metal Breather pipes that enter the engine bay, then connect them with one of these (above) to the lids of the Carburettor Air Filters by drilling through them to (below) and bolting in place with rubber washers to form a seal. Vapours just get added to the mix.
    What do we reckon folks?


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  17. I am going to be shot down but I have just routed mine from the junction by the engine lid out through the battery tray and get no smells or leaks.

    Most cars of the age vented to atmosphere
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  18. To be honest, I thought about doing just that too lol
    Read a bit of an article about Carbs running on Vapour and getting 200mpg...maybe I'll get more than 25mpg if I do the above

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  19. Fuel tank breather to one filter, crankcase breather to the other. Use plastic fittings then if it falls off into the engine it won’t cause any damage - probably.
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  20. Thanks for that
    More research has led me down the rabbit hole further! So many different setups.
    I’ve read about Rocker Cover breathers (mine currently don’t have them I think) but I haven’t seen where your suggested Crankcase Breather is located. Can you clarify please. Does it reduce pressure in there? Clearly I’m new to this lol
    Many thanks.

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