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  1. '74 Bay 1600

    So I've been looking at the options for enlarging my engine to 2110. (90.5 x 82)

    The basics seem fine but a few questions please.

    Obv. need to fit twin carb. I can't afford the Weber IDF so will probably go for the Empi 40 HPMX kit.

    Apparently twin carbs can only be fitted on narrow shrouded engines. I take it the bay isn't one of them. Is it the 30hp shroud that I need ( T/P with a doghouse) ?

    Is the shroud the only thing I need to get - my other existing tin will fit to that?

    With the wider engine, I assume that some of the existing tin isn't going to fit very well but can this be adjusted bit by bit?

    Same with the exhaust - I was thinking about the Vintage Speed one with adjustable flanges but I assume (hope) that my existing heat exchangers will fit for the time being until I can upgrade them to larger units.

    Will also be fitting an external oil filter. Any favourite places to fit this?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. The Empi's are a direct copy, and while early ones were, quite frankly, rubbish, they have sorted out their production issues, and are equally as good as the originals... you can even fit weber jets to them...

    Although, I would personally buy the 44s over the 40s, as I think you'll find that the 40s will be a touch too small for a 2110...

    30hp shroud with dog house is indeed what you want :thumbsup: And you can get some spacers for closing the gap between the shroud and the head tins.. everything else will have to be adjusted as required :thumbsup:

    Normal place for the filter is on the chassis rail next to the engine hanger :cool:
  3. [​IMG]
    Cooler just behind rear jacking point crossmember.
  4. I think off the top of my head that 82 is a firm favourite because with stroker B and P's and standard 5.4 rods it ends up the same width as a standard engine?
    "Somebody" built me a 76 with stroker pistons that had over 3.5mm deck height, so another 3mm up the barrel wouldn't be far out.
  5. Thanks guys :)

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