One Nighter At 'The Queens Head' Foulsham

Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by Robo, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. I thought your kids were well behaved when I met them.....
  2. Hey no worries, it was great to get away just a shame we couldn't stay longer but we have both said we shall be back to see you again as your not far from the places we love to visit!
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  3. They are pretty good most of the time but it was nice to get away camping without them as it doesn't happen very often!
  4. It was the way I read your post. You felt vulnerable with the kids in pop top.
  5. Yeah kids in roof bed with only tent material between them & the outside world was my only concern, probably more how my brain works / got carried away but I stood looking at it and thought that's too easy to slice open with a knife & drag the kids out! I'm sure it wouldn't actually happen but it doesn't stop you thinking it though!
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    Same as camping in a big tent with seperate bedroom compartments, except it's a lot higher and more difficult on top of a campervan. I'd be surprised if there's ever been a child snatched that way from a campervan. Also I expect everyone in a ten mile radius would hear them if someone tried to steal them.
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  7. When in a tent your usually on a campsite so feel secure, we were in a public car park when we wild camped so felt a bit vulnerable but was all fine! Thing is we have tried giving the kids away before but they always brought them back!
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    Fair point. The best answer would be to get them snuggled up in bed in the Poptop at bedtime and then shackle them with leg irons to eye bolts that you've welded onto the floor of the van. :thumbsup:
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