One Nighter At 'The Queens Head' Foulsham

Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by Robo, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Dropped the kids at granny's & after a false start (I forgot the pillows) but luckily only got 10 mins down the road we set off!

    Nice leisurely drive to Holt, had a wander round (in the rain) and shared a bag of chips, Daisy the pooch got a sausage!

    Decided it was too early to go to Skirk's place so we had a trundle down to Sheringham to see the sea & have a coffee in the Funky Mackerel, they do the best coffee complete with views out to sea.

    It's so quiet without the kids although yappy dog makes up for them when she gets going!

    Then onto 'The Queens Head' pulled into the car park & went in for a drink, bagged a table next to a roaring log burner before being dragged out to move the van & set up our bed (while we can)

    We have the field to ourselves





    Now back inside contemplating what to have from the menu over another drink, I want it all but apparently I'm not allowed!

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  2. I so want to do this! Drive to nice place, walk,,park in back of pub, eat drink, crash, brekkie, morning walk , home. Remedy for modern life, and cheap too.

    I've got a tintop but I'm saving every penny at the mo, to get a westy elevating roof put on by camping season. Instant bedroom, with living room downstairs, overnight one night only.
  3. No kids this weekend, king sized bed downstairs, roof popped so I can get my trousers off easier

    We did Cornwall last year with nothing booked & camped 3 nights in pub car park & 1 night proper wild, we much prefer the pub car parks tho as we felt very vulnerable wild with kids in the roof bed!

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  4. Got to say you got far too much walking going on, you got this camping lark all wrong & if it takes me more than 3 mins to walk to pub I'm either ordering a taxi or take out delivered

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  5. I've got to say the food here is proper nice, none of that gastro fancy rubbish just really good home cooked pub food!











    Not sure what Mrs Robo had but I'm proper stuffed & rolled back to the van

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  6. Goodness me you're being treated like royalty!!
    What a lovely treat.
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  7. Ive heard nothing but good feedback for The Queens Head, not a bad word said, which in this day & age is a good thing!

    food looks very nice :D
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  8. Nice work mr robo ...:)
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  9. Wots that green stuff on yer plate turnin veggie?
  10. No idea bud, even the dog wouldn't touch it so I left those bits!

    I ate soooo much & wanted pud so left the non essential green bits

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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Looks very nice. :) I like pubs with camping. Even better, pubs by rivers/canals with camping as they usually have nice fires and real ales :)

    @stewart kombi just get an awning for the living room bit and keep bedroom indoors. Easier and cheaper :)
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  12. Looks like were in the same spot last August!
    Must be on a lay line or something!
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  13. that's what we did with Gusbus; a Kyham Quick Erect awning makes a huge difference to the space inside. I wasn't keen to buy an awning but I'm sold on them, makes a weekend camping much more comfortable :)
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  14. @The Bobdogs

    i like your wind out sun/rain canopy...:cool:
    looks well with a westy roof ..:hattip:

    was it hard to fit ..?
  15. Doddle.....just use the fitting kit for a T25! Don't bother with the middle bracket, and the front one needs trimming to the same width as the door pillar.....job done. There was a tread on here about it a while ago that had some close up pics of the brackets....
  16. Cool ,
    Will look out for one later..
  17. I have the brackets ready just haven't pulled the trigger in actually buying the window awning yet. It's quite expensive!!
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  18. I found one by trawling ebay just using 'awning' in the search box.....found a nice Omnistor that was fitted to an Eriba caravan, hardly been used for £175! They are out there you just have to be patient and keep an eye out!
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  19. Hi Robo.

    Sorry took a long time to reply. Thanks for coming to The Queens Head. It was great to meet you both. Hopefully if you come again we'll have time to chill and relax with a beer outside the van. Thanks again
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